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Style 101: Wear Your Lingerie Like A Pro

You must have read and fancied so many blogs on lingerie and the pictures that the bloggers share of their sexy and trendy lingerie. After reading such blogs, have you ever desired a same lingerie collection that a blogger has? If yes, then don’t worry we are here to help you make that wish come true! Here are few of the tips you need to style your lingerie like a blogger. Have a look!

Know your preference



The first and foremost thing is to know what you would love to wear and what your purpose is. One thing that women of the most petite to the big and beautiful want is that their lingerie should make them feel beautiful and great. That means the lingerie should be sexy, desirable but most importantly special. You know how it is that when your man turns off everything else going around just because the lingerie has turned him on; it is a definite plus point. You can check the Sexy collection of Clovia; many bloggers are actually in love with it.

Keep some unique colours


Dull colours are what every fashion updated person like a style blogger tries to ignore. Colours like navy blue and brown were meant for the old days when lingerie was just an undergarment but now it’s much more than that. You must go for the colours that attract your eyes and the ones that speak about your vibrant personality. Throw every dull thing out of your closet and bring some colours to spruce it up.

Comfort and Fit


Even if you have the hottest and sexiest of the lingerie in your wardrobe, you shouldn’t miss the comfort and fit at all. The fabric is the most important think to look at along with a stretch ability factor. Whatever you add in your wardrobe must look great on you but compromising a comfort is not an option in return. So choose comfort along with style and be lingerie pro. If confused on where to get the best of both worlds in one place, then simply check out the lingerie on Clovia.


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