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How To Choose The Best Sports Bra For Heavy Breasts?

sports bra for heavy breasts

Exercising has an exponential impact on your physical and mental health. Even exercising for 10 minutes daily can help you improve gut health & metabolic function, reduce the risk of serious diseases and positively enhance sleep, vitality levels and overall well-being. However, researchers have found that the larger bust size women had the lesser their participation was in physical activity. But having a larger bust size shouldn’t interfere with your will to stay fit & active, right? We understand how hard it can be to jog, run and even perform yoga without having adequate support. Hence, wearing the right bra during exercise is important for a range of reasons. Exercising directly impacts the movement of your breasts which could result in soreness, pain and even sagging. Let’s understand what you should look for in a gym bra so that you get the right amount of support during your workout. 

What To Look For in A Sports Bra?


The sports bra should fit you a bit tighter than your regular bra. But it should not restrict you or make you feel uncomfortable. Furthermore, it should not have any bulges from anywhere. If there’s spillage around the underarms, you need to size up. If you see gaping or bulges in the cups, you may need to size down. 


The band should sit snugly on your chest, neither too tight nor too loose. Your band stay put while raising your arms above your head. 


The straps of the sports bra should be broad to provide the right support. They also need to be adjustable so that you can tighten or loosen them for a snug fit. 


Sports bras should offer you unrestricted movements, hence the fabric needs to have stretchability. It should also have quick-dry quality to wick away moisture and sweat, thereby reducing the chances of infections and rashes. 


If in case your sports bra has an underwire, you need to ensure it sits flat against your ribs without digging, pinching or poking into the skin. It should also remain where it is when you move or exercise. 

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Type of Workout

sports bras according to types of workout

The sports bra that you’re choosing should also be selected on the basis of the workout you’ll be using it for. Since sports bras come with various levels of impact, it is imperative that you choose the one which provides adequate support for that particular physical activity. Low & medium impact sports bras are generally used for low intensity workouts such as yoga. On the other hand, high intensity sports, workouts and gym require high-impact sports bras. These are designed with extreme compression and support to prevent bounce while also ensuring your movements aren’t restricted. 

Best Sports Bras For Large Breasts

For women with heavier bust size, the most important thing to look out for in a sports bra is support. Most sports bras do provide support but offer compression in such a manner that women tend to feel caged and uncomfortable. The perfect sports bra is the one that strikes the right balance between offering adequate support and compression in such a way that one does not feel caged or restricted. 

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Why Is It Important to Wear The Right Sports Bra?

why is it important to wear the right sports braYour breasts bounce and jiggle while you perform any physical activity, be it even low impact activities such as yoga, more so when you are heavier on the top. Not wearing the right-sized sports bra could damage your breast tissues, lead to pain and discomfort. It could also cause irreversible damage to the ligaments that support your breast tissue. When you wear a sports bra while exercising, you feel comfortable and confident. This also allows you to concentrate on your workout rather than worrying about how you look. 

To Sum it Up…

While shopping for a sports bra, ensure it contains the following qualities. 

  1. Support
  2. Compression 
  3. Good fitting
  4. Moisture-wicking 
  5. Allows you unrestricted movements 
  6. Non-chaffing 
  7. Functional 
  8. Looks & feels good 
  9. Breathable & quick-drying
  10. Functional

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