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Gymwear For Plus Size Women

gymwear for plus size women

Going to the gym every day is a huge task. Yes, and rightfully so. You need immense passion and motivation to go and exercise every single day. Everyone has different motivators, for some it may be a the need for a healthier lifestyle, for others it may be getting in shape. However, all of this falls short sometimes and it’s difficult to push yourself to go out and exercise. In such situations, there’s one thing that can help you. Feeling confident about yourself also comes from the way you dress. Hence wearing the right kind of workout clothes, that look stylish and yet are functional can help you feel confident during your workouts. We have compiled a list of stylish gymwear that looks flattering on plus-size body types so that you can be confident in the gym. 

Functional Tights

functional tightsFinding the right pair of tights is important no matter what kind of physical activity you perform. Clovia’s 4 pocket tights are crafted with soft and 4-way stretchable poly-spandex fabric that provide a snug fit without restricting your movements. They contain Quick-dry and moisture wicking qualities to help you stay dry during intense workouts. For ultimate comfort, they are high-waisted and provide compression on the tummy. You get deep pockets on both sides, a pocket on the inner side of the waistband and a zipper pocket at the back. 

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Longline Tees

longline teesWe understand how it might make you feel uncomfortable wearing short T-shirts with tights. But most tees that are available now, end just at the waistline. These looks unflattering on most body types and also makes women feel uncomfortable. That’s why Clovia’s Longline T-shirt with a hip-covering length is the perfect choice for you. It is crafted with breathable and lightweight material, being the appropriate partner no matter what your workout choice is. It doesn’t cling to the body and offers a relaxed fit. 

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Stylish & Supportive Sports Bras

stylish sports bras

In most places you’ll get sports bras that are basic, although they might be supportive. In some other places, you’ll get stylish ones that don’t support your workout requirements at all. Having a larger bust requires a sports bra that provides the right support. It’s extremely important to find one that offers compression, allows you to breath and at the same time prevents bounce and is comfortable at all times. 

Clovia has the most wide range of low to medium impact sports bras in 50+ stylish prints, colours and designs. They are apt for home workouts, gym, running, Zumba and yoga. They come with a 4-way stretch so that you have no restrictions performing any sort of physical activity.

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Gym Cover Up Jacket

cover up jacket

If you thought active jackets were just to be worn during winters, then you’re absolutely wrong. Allow us to explain. When you workout, your body temperature rises up. Wearing a jacket after your workout session can help maintain the body’s warmth during its recovery phase. This continues the sweat and slows down the cooling process. Whether you like them crop or long, Clovia has got both kinds of active jackets. They’re made with stretchable and moisture wicking fabric and come in trendy shades and designs. 

Flared Pants

flared pants

If tights make you feel a tad bit conscious about your body, you can opt for flared pants. They look good on all body types and to some they offer more comfort than tights. You can use them for yoga or Zumba and wear them during home workouts too. They are high-waisted and made with stretchable cotton spandex fabric. You can get sizes upto XXL and various colour options. They come with side pockets and have broad elastic for extra tummy support. 

Having a different body type or size that’s on the larger side shouldn’t stop you from looking good while exercising. You have nothing to feel concerned about. These clothing options will ensure all your physical activity requirements get fulfilled while at the same time making you stay at the top of your fashion game.  

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