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Sports Bras – A Default Must-Have for Women

Sports bras are the essential workout partners for a woman. The tender tissues around a woman’s chest need support during intense workout sessions which, if not supported may lead to back pain, discomfort, stretch marks or even sagging.

The best way to avoid breast related issues is by wearing the right type of sports bra. There are certain bra types that may or may not suit your body type. For example, balconette bras don’t work well with narrow shoulders. But, a sports bra becomes a default must-have for all women. It works well with all body shapes and age group of women.


How To Choose The Best Type Of Sports Bra?

Sports bras are one of the most comfortable types of bras. It is seen that most women are likely wearing the wrong size of a sports bra. For the best of support from a sports bra, it is important to match the type of sports bra to the training that you are undergoing. There are three levels of support that a sports bra provides: low, medium and high support. A table describing the type of support with the activity is as follows:


Low Support

Medium Support

High Support


Moderate Hiking Running




Strength Training Road Cycling

Mountain Biking

Types of Sports Bras

There are primarily three categories in while sports bras can be divided. These three divisions include:


1. Tank Top –

These bras usually have closure from the back which offers added adjustment. Other tank top bras allow the bands of the bra to be crisscrossed.


2. Racerback

These types of bras create a Y-shape between the shoulder straps in order to provide support for medium to high-impact activities. These bras are generally not adjustable and so need to be chosen carefully.


3. Crisscross

These are a type of bra that crisscrosses at the back and provide comfortable support. The straps are adjustable according to the fit of an individual.

Surprisingly, a lot of women like to wear a sports bra even when they are not working out! Lazying around on a weekend in a sports bra gives you unmatched comfort along with support.


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