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Bra Style Decoded! Here’s How You Team Your Bra With Right Outerwear

The never-ending issue for every woman is which bra to wear with which outfit? I know, ladies, sometimes it can be too aggravating, especially when you are in a hurry to buy bra online in India. Wearing bras for so many years (lost the count), now somehow, I have figured out the order. Phew!

Every morning standing in the front of the mirror, somehow, you have to just ensure that your bra colour does not stand out prominently through your dress. That is the key to this mystery. Having said that, I believe it is best to list some of the styles that you can follow without second thoughts.

1. Skin against white

Well, 99% of us make the mistake wearing a white bra under a white shirt. Well, believe it, it shows even when you have a shrug to cover it up. So, it is best to go in for skin coloured bras to ensure no exhibition of your inner wear. While shopping for skin coloured bras, don’t forget to look for the right tone to make the most of this blended effect.

2. Lighter or darker?

I can understand the craving of buying a dark coloured bra online, however, just hold on before pressing that checkout button. Ask yourself when you are going to wear it. In summer months wouldn’t a light-coloured bra be better? For any type of clothing, it is best to go for lighter shades of lingerie.

Firstly, it will never show, secondly, it will not attract heat from the burning summer sun. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not asking you to burn all your dark-coloured bras like our 1960’s counterparts. Wear them at night or during winter months, or even better when you feel the weather is pleasant, just don bras in shades like grey, black or navy.

3. The black and flesh fantasy

For me, wearing my lacy black bra under my normal office wear is an ultimate fantasy coming to life. Just imagine being aware of your body all the time is the best way of feeling sexy. All those who think that you cannot include black bras in your daily wear; I just have one word…hate you! A hand-down bow for the person who first thought of making a black bra! Team polyamide or cotton black bras with your daily wear and let that sexy seductress out.

Here you go, some of the styles that you can easily think of. Always remember, when going for online bra shopping in India, look for colours, solids and patterns; they will make your collection vibrant than usual.

Indulge in bras shopping online and experience your lingerie closet transform just like that!



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