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Simple Tips to Transform Yoga Wear Into Street Clothes

Simple Tips to Transform Yoga Wear Into Street Clothes

If you are anything close to being a yoga guru, I am guessing all your quarantine shopping would have been for yoga clothes. Now that everything has started to open up, you would wanna go out and get back to normal. But you have too many hangouts to do and lesser new clothes to wear.

No! I am not asking you to go on a shopping spree (although that’s a great idea). Fortunately, you can save yourself some time and money by easily transforming your yoga wear into street style clothes. Here are some expert tips and tricks to help you transform your basic yoga wear into street clothing.

Tights with Hoodie

Tights with HoodieHands down, the simplest way to style your yoga tights into a street style fashion is to pair a hoodie with it. Unless your yoga wear has some out-of-the-wall prints or shades, you’ll have a basic street style look. To make it look more fashionable, pair it with your favourite sneakers. Besides, wearing any type of hoodie with black yoga tights will instantly give you a street style look.

Yoga Pants

Yoga PantsYoga pants are one heck of a fashion clothing, which can be paired with literally anything and everything. From cute little mini dresses to tunics, they work well with a lot of dressy clothing items in your wardrobe. In addition to that, these yoga pants now come in different styles: high waisted, low waisted, cropped, both bright and neutral patterns, solids, mesh and even cut-outs!

Add a funky backpack, your favourite pair of shoes, wear some accessories and voila — your street style look is ready. PS: Try to find black or grey yoga pants, as they are more versatile and suit every outfit.

Yoga Top with Shrug/Jacket

Yoga Top with Shrug/JacketWondering how to style a yoga top? Just toss basic denims and a long shrug over it and you are officially done. If you pick a really attractive, and bright coloured shrug or jacket, trust me no one would even notice you wearing yoga clothes. The whole point is to grab attention to your jacket or shrug.

Yoga Top with High Waist Denims

Yoga Top with High Waist DenimsWell, talking about street style fashion, denim are a classic! Pair your basic yoga top with high waisted denim shorts and tadaa! You can totally ace your street style fashion game. Besides, you can always choose boot cut jeans or boyfriend jeans for an aesthetic vibe. Add a pair of casual shoes and a cross-body bag and you are all set to turn heads.

Yoga tracks with Basic T-shirt

Yoga tracks with Basic T-shirtAnother simple and most effortless way to style yoga wear is to pair your yoga tracks with your basic t-shirts. Grab a simple pair of croc to give it a laid back vibe. In addition to that, to make your look less sporty, carry a tote bag instead of a gym bag or backpack. Although, this look might look subtle, but hey, they are super comfy and that’s exactly our main priority isn’t it?

Boyfriend Shirt with Yoga Pants

Boyfriend Shirt with Yoga PantsIs it only me or do you also have this great obsession with wearing your boyfriend shirts in public? (it’s kinda cute) So, try pairing your yoga pants with a couple of boyfriend shirts for a classy look. Choose a lighter textile with checks pattern on your shirt to make your look more urban and stylish. Tie a knot around your waist and roll up the sleeves to give it a chic look. Ankle length boots and add an edgy look to your outfit.



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