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Ideal Activewear For Yoga & Their Benefits

Ideal Activewear For Yoga & Their Benefits

Yoga has been practiced in India for ages. Back then we Indians never bothered about the attire to do yoga asana. Our ancestors performed yoga in saree, dhoti, salwar suits, or whatever they found handy. Today, we focus on everything while performing yoga, and ideal activewear for yoga being one of them.

Now you might be wondering what’s a big deal? Yoga is not that intensive, can’t we just do yoga in our regular clothes? No, not at all!
Every type of outfit has a purpose to serve and so does activewear. While embarking on a journey to find inner peace, strength, and flexibility, everything should be perfect, and at least the fitness gear has to be. Because badly fitted outfits not only create problems to achieve the correct pose but also result in muscle pain.

On the other hand, if you wear activewear styles which are specifically crafted for yoga and other activities, you get stretchability and comfort while doing yoga. Today, I will not only take you through the benefits of the right activewear for yoga but also will show you some activewear straight from Clovia’s closet that you are gonna fall in love with. So without further ado, let’s get started.

What is the Right Activewear for Yoga?

It goes without saying that a snug-fit dress that hugs your body or a sports bra that supports your breasts while various movements are the right pick for yoga. Yoga pants and bras have many other parameters of selection such as fabric, type of intensity, etc. Let me take you through the parameters you need to consider while buying activewear:

Fabric – Cotton is a great option because it lets your skin breathe. But cotton can’t be used to craft everything, especially activewear, the reason being, cotton fabric sticks on the body as soon as it gets wet. It doesn’t seem great while you are at public places like a yoga camp or gym. If not cotton, what other options do you have? The answer is “The moisture-wicking fabric”.

As the name suggests, it wicks out sweat and dries out quickly, as a result, the material keeps you cool and damp, not wet in case of excessive sweating.

Compression – Some activewear like legging has elasticated fabric, which hugs the body and stays in place, these are called compression fabric. These pants support muscle while doing intense activities.

Right Impact Bra: Depending on the type of yoga you are performing, you can pick the right bra.
● If the intensity is light and doesn’t include much body movement, then a light impact sports bra will do.
● If the intensity is high and includes more physical movements, then a medium impact sports bra is a must.

Now, let’s talk about why you should wear specific attire. What are the health benefits?

Health Benefits of Ideal Activewear for Yoga

● Moisture-wicking fabric helps to drain the sweat easily and it doesn’t feel heavy. The fabric helps to cool down the body temperature faster.
● Sports bra supports breasts hence reduces the breast pain which may be caused due to high-impact exercises. A protective and comfy sports bra is needed to prevent breasts from sagging.
● Activewear helps you to concentrate on the right pose, hence there are lesser chances of the wrong pose, which in turn, helps reduce body ache and improves flexibility.
● Compression wear keeps the muscle in place and reduces vibrations while doing yoga. Lesser vibrations, lesser muscle fatigue, and hence faster recovery.

Now that you have read the health benefits of activewear, you should purchase one for sure if you don’t have one. You can also update your ill-fitted activewear for maximum workout results. So let’s check some great activewear pieces that you would love to add to your fitness wardrobe.


These super trendy yet so comfy tights are the go-to choice for yoga. These tights are crafted with soft moisture-wicking polyamide fabric. Soft elastic at the waistband helps to keep tights in place. Tights have great elasticity and are resistant to perspiration, hence allow you to move carefree.

AT0082P12+AB0063P12=ASC063P12-(1)Tank tops are great for those who don’t want to just wear a sports bra with tights or yoga pants. This top is crafted with smooth polyester fabric that wicks away the sweat. This is a perfect outfit for yoga and allows ease of movement.

Nothing can fuel your fitness goals than a best fit sports bra and this cool geometric print sports will be your all-time yoga mate. It’s a medium impact sports bra that protects breasts in high-impact sports. Crafted with smooth polyester fabric wicks out the sweat and allows you to move easily. This has a slip-on style with no pokes of hooks and broad under and for better support.

There is a huge activewear collection in Clovia’s closet from where you can pick the best attire for your yoga. Go get them and embark on a fitness journey, it’s never late to be fit. Fuel your fitness goals with the right gear!

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