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Period Tracker – Girl’s New Best Friend

When it’s not Madhubala but your period tracker saying ‘Aayega aane wala’

Twenty days into the month and most women break into a sweat. Well, it is indeed your hormones playing havoc and it is because they know that the ‘time of the month’ or ‘Aunt Flo’ aka periods are about to knock at your door. Periods are like those bugging relatives who come visiting at the most inopportune time, without giving you a call, bearing no gifts and with a plan to stay for at least five days. You can’t plant a tracker in such relatives for obvious reasons but what you can do is get a period tracker app installed on your phone. 


Wondering what exactly are we talking about here? 

The period tracker works with an efficiency matching that of ACP Pradyuman from CID. Once you enter the date of your last periods and the number of days your periods generally last (5-7 days in most women), the tracker gives you the tentative dates for your next period. The average period cycle is 28 days but that is what the books say. Your period cycle may vary between 21 to 35 days and that is perfectly normal too. It varies from woman to woman just like the period intensity and symptoms vary. The tracker is just like a planner or organizer giving you a timely reminder about your period dates so you can stack up on ammunition like your Gal Pal sanitary pads and tampons. 

Wondering why you would want to know your dates?

We agree, periods can be cringe-worthy but knowing the dates does make your life easier. You can chalk out your travel plans or fix the date of any celebration you intend to host per the dates because let’s face the fact: you wouldn’t want to wear your fancy panties or a ‘Doodh si Safedi’ like dress during your periods. 


White Dress on Periods


Not only do you get to know the date of your next period, but the tracker also lets you know your fertile days of the month. These dates are your ovulation dates and if you intend for the stork to come visiting soon, these dates are when you must take out the sexy lingerie from the closet. For couples planning a family, the period tracker is also a way of tracking a missed period when you may have successfully conceived. 



Another reason why all women must have a period tracker on their phone is that the dates of your period are an indicator of your health. Missed periods, irregular periods, periods that last too long or are too short, periods that are too light or too heavy; the period tracker maintains a record of all this data and in case you feel something is amiss, this data would come in handy for your doctor. 

# The dates are accurate when everything else is running like clockwork



If you decide to pull overnighters in the office, party all weekends, have been worried about mundane things like the maid taking too many leaves or Trump passing the H1 bill, and/or have been popping over the counter medicines, then yes, the dates may be affected a bit. Stress for one is a big factor in making your period dates go haywire. Working out excessively is also known to change your period cycle. The dates might go up and down by a day or so but the tracker would still let you know the tentative timeline.

With this period tracker having your back, you can now scream out like Sunny Deol, ‘Taarikh par taarikh, taarikh par taarikh, milti rahi hai…’


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