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Why is my period late?

Why is my period late

Well, we all hate periods for obvious reasons, we expect them not to come too early. You might have a date night and you don’t want your mood swings to spoil your romantic plans. But what if your period is late? After all, having a late period can be very distressing, especially if you have a regular period cycle or if you’re concerned about an unexpected pregnancy.

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However, there are many reasons why you might have a late period, ranging from birth control to stress. Here are a few possible reasons for late period.

1. StressStress

Basically, prolonged periods of stress can actually affect a woman’s menstrual cycle, making it longer or shorter, or even causing a missed period. It is recommended to avoid the situations that cause stress, also, regular exercising and a proper sleep pattern can actually help you in maintaining a regular menstrual cycle.

2.  Birth ControlBirth Control

Some types of birth control can cause women to miss their periods. Typically, these birth control methods consist of a form of estrogen combined with progesterone for a set amount of time. Sometimes, these hormones keep the lining of the uterus so thin that there is not enough of the lining to cause a period. This applies to all forms of hormonal birth control, including pills, patches, shots, implants and rings. This is considered not so harmful in most of the cases but women are advised to speak to a doctor with any concerns about their birth control methods.

3. Perimenopause

The average onset of menopause is around the age of 52 when a woman has not had a period for at least 12 months. Many women experience symptoms as early as 10 to 15 years before menopause. This is known as primenopause and this is an indication for the fluctuations in the estrogen levels. Irregular estrogen levels are the core reason for the fluctuations in the menstrual cycle. This is the reason, most of the women experience irregular or missed periods.

4. Hormonal Changes

Hormonal conditions play a major role in a woman’s menstrual cycle. Some hormones such as thyroid or prolactin hormones can cause women to miss their period. If hormonal imbalance is the reason for a missed or late period, it can easily be detected with a blood test. The cause of these hormonal imbalance needs to be investigated by a doctor. In many cases taking medication can help periods return to their normal cycle.

5. Weight Loss

Weight loss can be a crucial reason for a woman to skip her periods. Being underweight or having a low body fat-ratio can alter reproductive hormone levels, lowering them to levels where ovulation and menstruation do on occur. It is recommended for a woman who has missed one or several periods, due to weight loss to consult a doctor or a dietician about getting appropriate vitamins, minerals and nutrients that the body needs.

6. Obesity

Just like weight loss, obesity is also a major reason for women to have late or missed periods.

Obesity and missed periods can sometimes signal that a woman has a medical condition, such as Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). So it is very important for a woman to be correctly diagnosed by a doctor. The doctor might also recommend blood tests or an ultrasound of the ovaries to make sure that there are no underlying medical conditions are causing missed periods.

7. Pregnancy

Well, you cannot rule out pregnancy as a possible reason that your period is late. Indeed it is actually a crucial thing to worry about. Women can still get pregnant even after using a birth control method correctly. A sexually active woman with a late period is highly recommended to take a pregnancy test. It is equally important to note that there are no forms of birth control that are 100% effective. If a woman has a negative result on the home pregnancy test but still hasn’t gotten her period then she should see a doctor immediately.



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