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Must Have Bras In Every Girl’s Wardrobe

We all love lingerie. The subtle lacy patterns, sheer and soft feel, it uplifts you (pun certainly intended) comforts you, makes you feel sexy and certainly does kill or boost your confidence.
I bet you all have a gigantic shoe closet, but do you have a bra closet?
Brassieres or bras are intimate clothing pieces that not only shape your body but having the right type of bras which compliments different clothing is extremely important.
We have all encountered situations, where we have struggled with improper fits, sizes or spillovers.
The following brassiere essentials are a checklist which covers the Must Have Bra Types for all occasions and clothing.

So next time you attend a soiree make sure you have the exact collection to adorn your inner self.

An everyday bra is a daily need, for a day full of work and gusto. This bra has to be extremely supporting and comfortable. This bra should either be nude or very light pink in color, so that it goes with most of your clothing.
We recommend silk or normal cotton brassieres and certainly not a lacy one because the lacy pucker might let them be mistaken for golf balls.
It can also be slightly padded to keep your nipples out of sight and keep you warm during winters.
For the best lift and ease look for a bra with straps centered above the nipples. The cup should be full giving maximum coverage, 3/4 or 2/3 of your breast. The back strap should be wide enough to avoid spillover of back fat or poor support.

This bra is our saviour in most cases, it can be converted from an everyday bra to a halter, racer-back, one shoulder or completely strapless look.
It is a handy quick solution in situations of dire need. It is an adaptable bra type and can be worn with backless dresses, halter necks or rather any dress under the sun.
You may want to pick this up in nude or black.


As the name suggests this bra is for the sexy “she-wolf” within you.
With ribbons, net and beautiful laces, these brassieres are perfect for his shy glances during intimate moments.
In case you are feeling less feminine or rather blue, this is a great way to get yourself up and zesty.
Men love it too, especially in satan-y black 😉


Full coverage brassiere is exactly as the name suggests, it covers your chest fully.
It can be both padded or non padded, with seams or seamless and with or without an underwire.
It does not reveal any cleavage and is a go-to for full chested women.
It can be used on a regular basis.


This is a pertinent piece in your bra closet if you are looking for the extra lift, illusion of fullness and support.
It was originally made for women with smaller breasts thus making their chest look more appealing and fuller by bringing them together in the middle.


This is for all women who upset over sagging breasts. They not only prevent further sagging but give an extra boost to your chest. They are available in huge varieties and patterns. They may or may not be padded.


Almost all women goes through the bouncy embarrassment once in their lifetime, so all physically active women, need to invest in good sports bra.
This is especially for women with heavier bust line for extra support and to prevent jiggle.
This also prevents the damage and rupture of tissues and hence avoids premature sagging.


A Balconette bra is a demi cup bra or a shelf bra. It covers the lower half of the breast, right above the nipples and gives an illusion of fuller breasts, enhancing the cleavage and their appearance. This is perfect for low or square neckline clothing.


The aforementioned brassieres are a must have in your closet and Clovia offers a wide range and variety of these.
The ongoing offers allow you to splurge on the above Must Have Brassiere Types without pinching a hole in your pockets 🙂

Written by: Naomi – Writer, Editor and Owner of personal blog, naomiganzudivamode.

20 year old starry eyed, utopian and enthusiast. Coming from a liberal army family, she is widely travelled and has friends cutting across cultural boundaries. Zealous and driven she is ambitious and believes in accomplishing her goals ethically with hard work.  Footloose, this animal lover believes in the beauty and goodness of this life, people & their idiosyncrasies.


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