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Meet Every Girl’s Best Friend, The Push Up Bra

A perfect push-up bra is not about pushing up your girls, it’s about getting them the right placement. Not every woman is endowed like a super model. Moreover, bust shapes change from pointing straight to pointing downwards to facing outwards.

What is a Push-Up Bra?

A Push-up bra is engineered to add lifts and volume to bust. The lifts in push up bras could come from the shape of underwire and cup used; extra strength fabrics used to line up bottom bands or cups; or from extra stiches or seams added in cups. Volume in a bra could be added by way of extra padding in the side or bottom of cups. The thickness of this padding will determine whether the bra is medium push up or heavy push. Some bras offer removable pads to be worn as per need.

Push up bra

Push-Up Bra Benefits includes the Following:  Right Push-up bra can do wonders to your silhouette. It can actually make you look slimmer in some cases because the busts are collected and in their right place. We have often found certain necklines looking way better with a push-up bra.

How to Choose a Push-Up Bra: If buying a push-up bra online, gather information on the amount of padding it has and its specific shaping properties. If your breasts face outwards with about 2-3 fingers space between, choose the underwire style that will collect them in the center giving you that enviable décolletage. If you bust is medium to heavy sag then pick a bra with uplifting underwires. In case you want to give an impression of a larger cup size, then pick ones with extra padding. With a dash of lace or funky prints, these pushups can ensure you look your best with your shirt on or off!

Pushup Bras

A push up bra could be your most supportive colleague while at work to being your wingman on a date night (wink wink!)


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