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Lingerie Selection Style vs. Comfort

Lingerie Selection Style vs. Comfort

Over the past few years, the lingerie market has altered significantly. This transformation is partly due to paradigm shifts in consumers’ interpretation of lingerie. Over time, the customer’s preferences have drifted away. They are no more the overly sexualized mass produced lingerie products that are churned out by mass-production stores. The radical public renaissance is declining. These stereotyped and narrow lingerie choices for a more holistic approach to lingerie. As a result of this enormous shift in the industry, consumers now are headed for garments made with a ‘body confidence’ mind-set.

Lingerie encompasses of innerwear that typically include, slips, bras and panties. A woman ought to be comfortable with the lingerie worn. An uncomfortable can end up feeling one irritated at the end of the day. High quality lingerie is made up of fine materials such as cotton and silk that tends to render long-term comfort to wearer.

Comfortable is now regarded sexy. Our society is now readily accepting all body types which deviate from the idealized skinny photoshopped models championed by the media. This change has affected lingerie shopping as well, resulting in the acceptance of larger sizes and plus sized lingerie.

Comfort and style now go hand in hand. Style has also become a stout determinant of consumer choice. Chain brands often offer generic underwear lacking style that highlights your individuality. The passion for quality women’s lingerie has increased substantially in the past few years. The preference of quality is a major factor in the shift to women’s underwear that emphasizes comfort and style.

Select a style that works for you

Undies come in so many diverse styles that it may become overwhelming. Extending from thongs, bikini, hipsters, briefs, boy shorts etc. Every one of them has its advantages and disadvantages depending on your size, preference and what you want them for. Underwear is very personal; there’s no right or wrong choice. If you have slim, narrow hips, I’d recommend boy shorts or hipsters as these will give you the illusion of fuller curves. If you are naturally curvy then opt for briefs or thongs, something with a higher cut leg. This will make your thighs appear slimmer and longer.

Bra & Brief set

Most importantly don’t confuse fashion and comfort

For your own sanity, it’s far more important to wear something comfortable. Fashion doesn’t always convert to comfort. Choose features and benefits over colour, brand and packaging. If something looks unattractive off your body, it doesn’t mean it can’t be sexy on your body. Own it!

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