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Lingerie Designer’s Favourite Clovia Panties

Lingerie Designer’s Favourite Clovia Panties

The first thing that comes to mind when we talk about lingerie is that it should be fashionable yet comfortable. Being a lingerie designer at Clovia, I make sure to cater to these two things while creating any lingerie piece so that each product I create can fit you like your second skin.

When it comes to Clovia’s panty collection, I think everything I design becomes my favorite. The reason being that a lot of hard work goes into each piece I create, starting from the inspiration, sketching, selecting color schemes or prints to choosing the right fabric. Keeping in mind the customer’s comfort, liking, usage and budget, a designer, at every stage, tries to curate a collection that caters to all the requirements of the customer.

But what qualifies to become my personal favorite are the styles that help my customers solve a problem and provide them with utmost ease, comfort and satisfaction. When I see a particular style becoming a rage with a growth in demand and popularity, I feel that’s one task done right!
Wanna know which one is my favourite brief type?


Here’s Why:

This style was created keeping the Indian women’s body type in mind and the problems that came with it like roll downs, side bulges, muffin tops, etc. I analyzed those problems and decided to create my own version of high waist hipster panties. No matter what size you are, this panty style can do wonders for you. It gives such a flattering snug fit and goes well with today’s fashion trends such as high waist bottoms and fitted silhouettes.

You don’t have to worry about tummy bulges or wear uncomfortable shapewear for long hours. This high waist hipster prevents rolls down and muffin tops. The little compression it creates helps in giving a toned, tucked-in look under high waist trousers, fitted dresses & skirts. The broader side wings prevent side bulges and give a curvier figure.

Here are my top 5 recommendations for all body types and occasions.


Not-So-BasicThis style is great for everyday wear. It comes in all basic shades to go with your formal & casual outfits. Crafted with soft cotton fabric, it’s a great addition for your panty collection.

Lace Grace

Lace GraceThis panty style is designed with an appealing lace insert on both the sides to add a touch of femininity to your everyday basic collection.

Lace On My Side

Adding some glam to your panty collection, this style combines comfort and style. These cotton panties are designed with lace panels on both sides, to add some oomph to your brief collection.

Cage Me In Lace

Cage Me In LaceLooking for something extraordinary? These exquisite lace high waist hipsters are something that only you could own. The sexy strappy sides and the sheer back makes this one a prized possession for you.

Print Me Pretty

Print Me PrettyIf solid shades are not your thing, then these printed panties will surely add some colour & cuteness to your collection.

How Do I Bring The Trendiest Collection For You?

My team and I do fashion forecasting every season to keep up with the latest trends in terms of colors, prints and fabrics. We do surveys every 6 months to make a solution-based product and our team continuously works on customers’ feedback. Their grievances are taken into consideration and the complaints are rectified from time to time and new variations are added into this high waist hipster style.

We believe that the right underwear can make you walk with confidence and can brighten your day. Our endeavour is to curate such designs that provide you with utmost comfort and at the same time, bring a smile on your face and make you feel special.

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