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Panties for Different Body Types

Did you know, just like bust there are different butt shapes as well? Selecting the right panty as per your body type is as tricky as selecting a bra. Bad choices might not accentuate your curves. It’s equally valuable to know your butt shape for the same reason. And once you’ve determined your bum shape, you’ll have a better sense of the ideal rise, leg opening, and coverage level for your needs.

Panty Styles for Different Butt Types

Let’s find out which panty style flatters your body type.

Underwear Style for A-SHAPED Butts

Now you are wondering how to determine if I have A-shaped bums. Here’s how. If you have fuller thighs and wider hips then you very well may have an A-shaped bum.

Women with pear-shaped bodies have A-shaped bums. Since you have wider thighs you need panties with larger leg openings. For you, bikinis and thongs are ideal options. Always pick a fabric which is stretchable. It gives you a smoother fit.  

Underwear Style for V-SHAPED Butts

If your bum is the fullest and roundest at the top near the widest point of your hips, then you probably have a V-shaped booty. The base of your bum likely has less volume, thus resulting in an angular shape. For such body shape, boyshorts and hipsters work better.

Underwear Style for Square-SHAPED Butts

In such a body, type hips are of the same width as the body. Such body types have little to no curves and are often called athletic body types. 

To get the fuller illusion around your butt then boyshorts with medium coverage gives you the desired outcome. Similarly, bikinis with higher leg cuts make your body more hourglass shape. 

Underwear Style for Round-SHAPED Butts

It’s easier to play with many styles if you have fuller butts. You can try all styles because all of them look good on you. Achieving an hourglass shape is not that tough for you. But to get that flattering silhouette you need to invest in some high-quality shapewear.  

Underwear Style for HEART-SHAPED Butts

If your butts are wider on the bottom and sleeker on the top, then you have inverted heart shape bums. The Gen-Z word is peach-booty. You can go for bikinis and thongs which don’t have elastic along the edges. Otherwise, it would create a bulge on your booty which doesn’t look flattering at all. 

Being a band person of Clovia, I can proudly say, every body type is beautiful. And to celebrate it and make you more confident about your own body, Clovia has products that accentuate your beauty.

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