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Growing trend of LIVA fabric in underfashion world

We all know the fashion industry and understand its dynamic nature too. With the growth of technology, the fashion industry is now capable of catering us with some new-age fabrics.  One such latest innovation is LIVA fabric. LIVA has taken fashion world by storm.

What is LIVA fabric?

LIVA fabric is 100% natural and eco-friendly. It is man-made from the natural fibres which are produced from wood pulp. It is also known as modal.

What are its features ?

1. Made of natural fabric

If you are very particular about not wearing synthetic fabrics, then LIVA is what you should be checking out right away. Because of its natural origin it is highly breathable and moisture absorbent, which makes it a great pick for summers & monsoons.

2.Butter-Soft Feel

Liva is a very fluid fabric, it moves along with you that’s exactly what makes it so popular. It gives the garment a great fall, a butter-soft feel and a feather-light experience all day long.

3.Fall & Drape

Who likes to wear stiff and boxy fabrics? They are always make you feel restricted and uncomfortable. But LIVA is so fluid that it moves with you.

4.Colourful and Lustrous

This feather-light fabric has got a very subtle sheen to it that makes the fabric look very plush and rich. It has the ability to stay true to its colours even after repeated washes.

Clovia x LIVA

Clovia has a range of LIVA certified products that are one of their bestsellers. It has crafted underfashion with this butter-soft fabric for unmatched comfort. Let’s have a look at the variety of products that they have to offer.


Lingerie is the first to go onto your body. It is in direct contact with your skin and that’s exactly why it becomes of utmost importance to pick the fabric wisely.


Clovia has a range of LIVA panties that are super-soft on your skin.  This natural fiber makes these panties an ideal pick for summers and monsoon. They are super-light and absorb sweat easily.

For added comfort Clovia designs these panties with elastic encased in soft fabric to avoid any kind of rashes or irritation.

Clovia also has modal panties that eliminates panty lines. These panties are designed with interlock stitching along the leg openings which prevents visible panty lines and offers a seamless finish & a butter-soft feel.


Clovia believes in providing utmost comfort, be it lingerie or sleepwear. Hence, they have a range of nightsuits crafted with super-soft LIVA for a good night’s sleep. The fabric gives a great fall once worn and has a subtle sheen to it which makes your nightwear look oh-so-stylish!  The breathability of the fabric makes it a good choice for sleepwear and promise unmatched comfort. Clovia makes you dress to bed in trend.

Why get weighed down with other fabrics when you can move around easily with this fluid fabric. Shop for modal LIVA fabric online at Clovia and surf through a wide range of products.

Rachika Singh

Rachika Singh

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