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Hygiene Hacks for a fresher healthier you. Hello Roses!
Say hello to a fresher healthier you everyday by following these simple time-saving hygiene life hacks.

Vinegar, like apple or any other sweet smelling malt variety, can act as a natural deodorant.

Swab your armpits with a teaspoon of it to sweat less and stay dry!

Overly tight bras can give you rashes, not to mention the huge discomfort.

Look out for snug straps and band, no spillover or looseness in the cups or in the middle bit to ensure a good fit!

Personal hygiene tips like changing sanitary pads every 4 hours will prevent bacterial inflammation in your genital areas! Choose soft cottony ones to feel fresh and dry throughout your periods.

Panty liners can be used all-month long! They’ll keep your cute lingerie absolutely stain-free.


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