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How to Wear Pyjamas Outside the House

How to Wear Pyjamas Outside the House

With people quarantined at home all over the world, I’m curious if it’s only me or did you also shop for hell lot of PJ’s? Well, that’s a great thing but what are you going to wear when finally, this quarantine gets to an end? You definitely don’t have to cut your pockets to buy brand new clothes. All you need is give a little touch of a makeover to your cute PJ’s.

Imagine if we’re all getting to wear PJs all day, will daytime pyjamas become an actual thing? Hell yes! There are many benefits of wearing pyjamas outside, and one of the best benefits is comfort. Pyjamas are super comfy, and often come in chic fabrics and stylish, colourful prints. Now, here are a few tips to give you a little bit of insight on how to style your basic pyjamas to an outwear fashion.

Trade your Jackets with PJ shirts

LS0385F04Sick of wearing old jackets and want to slip into something unique? Try trading your basic denim jackets with button-down pyjama shirts. All you need is a sexy crop top to pull it off in style. In fact, the PJ’s with solid colours or simple patterns (like stripes and checks) can totally pass for a light jacket.
So, basically instead of wearing your PJ shirt as it is, team it with a colour coordinating crop top with high waist jeggings and Voila! Your new outwear fashion look is ready.

Turn your Pyjama Pants into High waist palazzo pants

LB0182P09If you have mistaken your pyjama pants as sleepwear to just slip in and doze off, then you might want to hear this out. Basically, look for a pyjama pant with elegant detailing like lace (or give it a lace detailing – DIY) and pair it with a simple but aesthetic top for an attractive look. Also, add some accessories and sexy boots just to make sure all the attention is focused on those fabulous PJ pants!

Slip Nighty into Sexy Cocktail dress

NS0292P09Let’s talk about sexy sleepwear, shall we? Slip nighties are so far the most attractive yet simplest sleepwear to style. Slips and nightgowns have become so versatile that they can be worn as tops or dresses without raising any eyebrows. Just pick a solid slip nighty (bright red, black, grey) and pair it with a fabulous coat. Team it up with some brown or black boots along with fine jewellery and you are all set to rock an evening party!

 The PJ shirt is now a Stylish Top

LT0126P13Well, if you want to give your basic PJ shirt an aesthetic touch, then here you go! Pick an oversized pyjama shirt out of your closet and tuck them in with wide-leg trousers and pair it with ankle boots.

You can also pair it with a high waist skirt and wear stockings beneath for a retro fashion look. Put on some accessories like a cap, scrunchie, or some cool chains to make you look like a chic effortlessly.

Slip Dress and Blazer – Office ready!

Is it only me or have you also imagined wearing PJ’s to the office? Well, it looks like we are blessed! Although, you can’t wear your cute PJ’s to the office, unless you style them to perfection. All you need is a slip dress, a blazer, and tights for modesty. Toss a colour coordinating blazer over your solid slip dress and wear tights beneath for a sophisticated working woman look. Pair this outfit with some cute sandals and matching earrings to give it a bit of a formal touch.

 Robes are the new Shrugs

NS1316P04Well well well, you don’t have to have new DIY clothing in your closet. I am guessing you all have at least one sleepwear robe lying in your closet since ages. It’s officially the time to upgrade your basic old robe set into a sexy shrug.

All you have to do is add a little lace detailing, and cut off the long sleeves and done! Now, pair your new DIY shrug with a crop top and high waist jeans or you can always toss it over a fit and flare dress. Finally, throw on a pair of heeled mules and hoops to dress it up and you’re ready to turn heads.

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