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Pyjamas and Shorts Are the New Work from Home Outfits

Pyjamas and Shorts Are the New Work from Home Outfits

Working from home now involves shorts, pyjamas, hoodies and what not! A lot of people believe dressing up for work at home gives you a working atmosphere. But I know there’s a huge number of lazy people like me who like to keep it lazy and comfy while working from home. Isn’t that the benefit of WFH in the first place? Pj’s, pizza and laptop!

Undoubtedly, staying at home has officially become the new trend of “going out” you would still wanna look incredibly cool even at your home. I’m sure you are struggling to stop yourself from finishing off those snacks stocked at your home. Knowing what to wear is also one of the difficulties associated with working from home. You might have known how pyjamas revolutionised street style fashion, now they have revolutionised the work from home trend as well. And that’s why here are some cute & comfy pyjamas and shorts ideas for your everyday “work from home.”

For Allergic Mondays

for Allergic MondaysWho also believes in Monday blues? Start your Mondays in these casual blues. This amazing set of striped pyjama and a quirky text print top is a great pick for you to start your first day of the week. “Allergic to Mornings” isn’t that something we all can relate to when it comes to Monday morning after a short-lived weekend?

Tip: Please don’t do a video call with your boss. Might not give a very good reflection of your dedication. :p

For Easy-Peasy Tuesdays

For Easy-Peasy TuesdaysThis is when the week actually starts. Sending a few morning emails can make feel like a boss, especially wearing this super classy set of button-down shirt & shorts set. And that’s why to choose this set? Simple and elegant is always a good approach for office attire and for all your work calls that’s why this set can be your go-to outfit. The modest coverage will keep you cosy and will refrain you from wrapping yourself in a blanket and slowly dozing off while the AC temp is at 16 degrees.

For windy Wednesdays

For windy WednesdaysWell, if you think your Wednesday is as dull as the situation in the world then this floral print top and pyjama set can brighten up your day. It is designed with a notched round neckline and 3/4th sleeves which instantly gives you a professional vibe for your work for home routine – video calls and zoom meetings. The pretty baby pink pyjamas totally compliment the top and add a cute vibe to it.Also, if you have any video conference to attend then this outfit can be a perfect pick. Sssh… no one will never know you’re wearing your sleepwear.

 For thrilling Thursdays

For thrilling ThursdaysOffice dress code may have gotten more relaxed with this work from home routine especially by the time you approach Thursday. Get into the Friday groove and get your work done in this smooth as butter satin set. The itsy-bitsy cami top and cutesy dolphin shorts are a fun way to get work done. The lace detail adds a touch of femininity while the subtle shade works best for summers.

For Fun Fridays

For Fun FridaysFridays are meant to be fun! And that’s why you just can’t say no this matching top and shorts set from Clovia. With this cute set, you can actually experience the comfort of the cotton-rich fabric and make the most of your wonderful Friday vibes. Also, this outfit is just great in giving you a fun and soothing feeling while you work from home. After all, Fridays are meant to be joyful isn’t it?

For Super Cool Saturdays

For Super Cool SaturdaysOh finally! The weekend vibes are here! Then why not choose an outfit with a little extra chic style? Consider this stylish top and shorts set as your Saturday outfit. The shorts are super cute and comfortable and give an incredible weekend vibe. The top and shorts set are crafted from 100% breathable cotton fabric which gives you utmost comfort. Keep your cool in this super cool set as you getting all the week’s pending work done.

For Relaxing Sundays

For Relaxing SundaysConsidering the fact that you are less likely to work on a Sunday morning, we would wanna suggest something cool and out of the box trend. This top & pyjama set is so classy and makes you look sexy in every way possible. Also, it is crafted with butter-soft and comfortable satin fabric which makes you feel incredibly chic. You can wear them all day long, and also sleep in them comfortably.

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