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Pyjamas You’ll Want To Wear All Day Long

Pyjamas You’ll Want To Wear All Day Long

Pyjamas are unofficially declared as the new WFH trends. Is it only me, or did you also dream of a situation where you need not get ready, and can go to the office straight out of bed? Looks like we are blessed! With the new WFH situation, the rage is all about pyjamas and loungewear. Not only are they comfy, but they take the guesswork out of dressing for a day that may or may not require leaving your current lodgings.

Now that everyone is quarantined at home, finding the right sleepwear has become crucial. Some prefer to wear a soft fabric as possible as they doze, while others like to be cosily enveloped in their favourite pyjama set. To help you find your perfect pyjamas, we have done the digging for you. Here are a few pyjama options you’ll want to wear all day long.

Cami and Pyjamas Set

Cami and Pyjamas SetLooking for a sophisticated WFH look? Check out this trendy Nightwear set. It is crafted out of soft fabric in pink colour with beautiful floral prints for a fashionable look. It is a great choice if you have video calls to attend; all you need is a blazer to toss it over and done! No one would even notice you wearing a pyjama set to your meeting. wink* Ultimately, this camisole and pyjama set with floral prints, makes you feel cosy and pampered in every way possible.

Top and shorts set

Top and shorts setWell, if all you have done in quarantine is eat a lot of snacks and binge watch Netflix then I know exactly what you need. This top and shorts set is made of cotton-rich fabric to ensure utmost comfort and breathability. If you are looking for a cosy pyjama set to lounge all day long then look no further cause this is your best bet.

This pyjama set also comes with side pockets that are quite useful. You can in fact get a bunch of these and mix and match with other sets. This way, you’ll have a unique look every time you mix and match an outfit.

Long Nighty Dress

Long Nighty DressIf you are someone who’s into simple and subtle clothing then you might want to check this out. This pretty long nighty is an amazing choice to lounge around the house. The best thing about this nightwear is, it’s pretty trendy and is unique from the rest of the basic nighties.

Besides, you can also wear it as outerwear for evening walks or dinner dates. It also has a front zip and an A-liner to give it a modern touch.

Short Night Dress

Short Night DressPlanning for a girl’s sleepover? Want to post some cute pictures on your feed? Then, this cute short nightdress is everything you are looking for! This adorable nightwear is crafted with breathable cotton-rich fabric to ensure utmost comfort and style. This sleeveless nightdress is designed with pretty floral prints for a very attractive look. It is indeed quite a versatile nightwear, as it can also be worn out in public during the summers.

All in One Set

All in One SetSo, not sure which pyjama style to choose? How about all? Check out this amazing 7-piece nightwear set! This all in one 7-piece nightwear set is crafted intricately with buttery-soft satin to ensure extreme comfort and style. The fabric is so soft that it guarantees a second-skin feel. Each set comprises bikini and bra, nightgown, pyjama and top, eye mask and robe. The bra comes with a plunging neckline, coupled with lace detail and is non-padded for a gentle experience. Besides, the nightie is sleeveless, along with an elastic waist which also comes with a ruffled neckline to add a dash of style to your overall look.

Finally, now that you have explored a few of our favourite pyjama sets, it’s time to know some tips to choose pyjamas. Always make sure the fabric is soft and gentle to your skin. I would recommend cotton as it’s an all-natural fabric which is lightweight and soft to the touch. Fit matters, choose looser pyjamas as they move more easily over your body when you sleep, instead of tight fitted pyjamas. Rest assured, go for pyjamas that suit your style.



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