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How to Pack Your Lingerie like a Pro

How to Pack Your Lingerie like a Pro

Learning how to pack efficiently is the key to lightening your luggage. Here, we share useful tips to streamline your lingerie packing for a stress-free vacation. There are many problems while packing for a vacation. One of them is packing your lingerie. Time to learn some tips on how to pack your lingerie like a pro.

1. Pair up Your Dress and The Suitable Undergarment Already

Imagine having the perfect dress ready for the evening date on your vacation… But wait, you forgot to bring the bra that goes with the dress. That’s a spoiler right there. So, do not forget to consider packing your undergarments according to the clothes you’re packing for your vacation.

2. Use the Bra Shape for Rolled up Panties

This is a brilliant way of utilizing space and time. For keeping the bra structure intact, roll up panties and pack them inside the cups.

3. Sort Out Your Preferences Well

We all regret how we cannot pack our entire wardrobe for the vacation. It is hard to choose between dress and lingerie. So the right way to pack your lingerie is to identify and make sure that your underwear/bra matches for every situation you will be attending. Keeping a strapless bra and a seamless panty in your lingerie vanity is always a better option. They are the most versatile lingerie pieces and can function manifold.

4. Tissue Paper to The Rescue

It is always advisable to layer up your delicate unmentionables in a tissue paper. This keeps the fine fabric from getting worn out or wrinkled.

5. A Gentle Detergent Always Comes in Handy

For the unpredictable trips, it is always advisable to carry a small pack of mild detergent. There may be chances that you might have to wash your undergarment for another day’s use. So save yourself the time and trouble of going to a laundry shop. Instead, wash it in the hotel sink and hang it to dry out. This way you will be able to take care of your expensive bra while saving some time too.

6. Keep Your Lingerie Separate

Packing your lingerie separately is always a better option. Keep them away from rough clothes and outfits with zipper. A dainties disaster is the last thing you’d want in your vacation. So to be on the safer side, learn to pack your panties and bras in different cases and away from your other clothes.

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