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Top Lingerie Styles Suitable For Home-Wear


Tell me what’s more comfortable than relaxing at your home with comfy lingerie, your fav pyjamas, some hot chocolate, and a good book to read! Seems like a perfect day right? From looking like a bomb to just relaxing at home with some comfy pieces, Clovia got everything covered. Wondering where to get some comfy yet stylish lingerie? Honey don’t worry we got everything covered. Let’s take a look at some of our top lingerie styles that you can try on while at home:

Non-wired Bras:

Padded Non-Wired Full Cup Multiway T-shirt Bra in Peach

Non-wired are the most comfortable bras! Crafted with smooth polyamide fabric this bra keeps discomfort at bay and keeps you comfortable all day long. And the padded cups protect modesty and enhance the shape of your breasts. The detachable straps let you style the bra in multiple ways.

Cotton Bras:

Goodbye to discomfort and let your breasts feel comfortable with these comfy cotton bras. These bras are made from the softest and purest cotton fabric that pampers your skin and also offer just the right amount of coverage and comfort. They’re so soft and comfy that you can literally even sleep in them.

Non-padded bras:

Cotton Non-Padded Underwired Bra with Lace in Black

Featuring no pads, these bras are absolutely light and bulk-free. Made from stretchable cotton spandex fabric these bras provide breathability and comfort all day long. If you already have fuller breasts then darling these bras are just made for you! They add no extra bulk and enhance your breast shape naturally.


Padded Non-Wired Full Cup Bralette in Black

These bralettes are literally the best! From wearing it to a party to just relax at home these bralettes are the best choice! Be it cotton or nylon, all bralettes are ideal to be worn in any season and score high on comfort and style. These bralettes literally give you a chic and stylish look when you pair them with your fav pyjamas or shorts.

So ladies that’s it! These are a few lingerie styles that are suitable for home wear. Check our exclusive collection at Clovia. Made from rich fabric, these bras are an amazing addition to your lingerie wardrobe. With amazing offers and styles, you just can’t keep your eyes off them trust me!



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