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How to Choose Lingerie for a Slim Figure?

How to choose lingerie for a slim figure

Owning a great pair of lingerie is like finding your soulmate. A set that flatters your body and hugs your curves in the all the right places. Why do we women wear lingerie?  To flatter our figure? To avoid bad body posture? Or maybe just to boost some confidence. Whatever the reason be, understanding one’s body type and picking lingerie styles accordingly is very important.

Women blessed with curves may not really face many issues when it comes shopping lingerie. But women with slim figure often settle with something not that perfect. Trust me girls the struggle is real!

Problems slim women face with lingerie

  1. Can I please have a cup size smaller than A?
  2. You lie down without a bra on and poof! No boobs
  3. The word ‘cleavage ‘doesn’t exist unless you stuff your bra cups with cotton
  4. Regular panty styles give you a saggy diaper butt
  5. Bikinis make you look even skinnier

Tips & Tricks on how to choose lingerie for a slim figure


The biggest fear of skinny girls is being called “flat chested.” Even if they are a cup B they certainly feel they look flat-chested. If you ask me, I’ll call it all an illusion. Girls you aren’t really flat-chested, it’s just that you make yourself look that way. If you are wear a full coverage bra there are high chances of you looking flat but if you try a demi cup or a balconette style you would look curvy. Such bra styles showcase more skin and with a bit of underwired lift you could achieve an illusion of fuller breasts. Padded bras can definitely add on some volume too.

Underwired Bra


Having a small butt can be kinda cute but not when it is ruining your outfits. Have you ever experienced your panty bunching back under your fitted dress? Oh! That unsightly thing gives you a saggy diaper bum. Picking the right panty style can save you from this. Try wearing thongs under your body-hugging outfits. To be honest you slim beauties are certainly the only ones who can carry off thongs so effortlessly.




You must be wondering that you look so skinny already with clothes on and I am suggesting you to try a swimwear? Yes, I want you to pick the right swimwear style and flaunt that beautiful body of yours. If you feel your boobs are small go for printed bikini tops or ones with frills and ruffles. This will make your breasts look fuller. Add some volume to your bottom with stringy tie-up bikini bottom styles. A monokini with side cut-outs is the best way of creating an illusion of an hourglass figure.

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