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Gym Wear Buying Guide – The 5 Things You Should Look For

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Do you often find yourself setting your T-shirt at the gym? Or are your shorts constantly riding up while doing yoga asanas? Or are your pants too loose and it’s really embarrassing to do squats in front of everyone? Well that’s because you are not wearing the right clothes to the gym. Wearing the right gym wear is very important if you want to make each second worth it at the gym. Improper clothes can restrict you from working out. And it can even cause injuries.


Ladies, in this blog I’ll give you information regarding the 5 things you should look for before buying the right gym wear. 


  • Fabric: While it’s very important to choose your clothes based on comfort, you should also make sure that your choice is functional and gives you maximum support.

Wear gym wear that’s made of moisture wicking fabric. Because this fabric ensures to absorb all the sweat and keeps you cool throughout the workout.

Choose clothes – underwear, inners, tank tops and T-shirts that are made of moisture wicking fabric that will absorb all your sweat quickly.


  • Comfort: Comfort is the key. Incorrect size can lead to irritation and injuries. When you choose gym wear that provides you comfort in terms of the style and fabric it makes a world of difference. You’ll definitely feel very confident in what you’re wearing and this allows you to completely concentrate on your workout instead of feeling embarrassed or self-conscious. Also, it won’t cause any kind of discomfort that negatively impacts your performance.


  • DurabilityYou don’t have to spend so many bucks to get great and long-lasting workout clothes. The right workout wear is typically going to be extra durable and allows you to use most of it when compared to what you’d find at a local department store or on a sale rack. Those cheap workout gear aren’t durable enough, and sooner you’ll have to get new ones. So, it’s better to invest wisely into something that is durable and is profitable.


  • Supportive undergarments:  Lot of us just focus on outerwear but not innerwear. Your regular bra or those sexy lingerie pieces won’t help you in any way while at the gym. Making sure that you wear supportive undergarments that provide maximum support is very important. Women should always wear a good sports bra that offers maximum support and flexibility.


  • Flexible bottoms: Always choose bottoms that are flexible, you can go for gym shorts, track pants, tights or yoga pants. Since you need to perform a lot of leg workouts, make sure that your bottoms are not too tight or too loose, they just need to be flexible enough and should not restrict you. Though shorts give maximum flexibility, it also shows a lot of skin, so if you are not comfortable enough, you can go with gym tights, sweatpants or yoga pants, they offer flexibility as well as coverage.


Pro Tip:

Always carry a clean towel: 

Carrying a clean towel to the gym is very important. Use a soft and clean towel for wiping the sweat away  and never share your towel with anyone else. Also if you leave sweat on any machine that you use, make sure to clean it up before someone else uses it, or else the bacteria might infect someone else.

These are 5 important things that you should keep in mind before buying gym wear. Remember that improper clothes can just ruin your whole work out session and even cause severe injuries.



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