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Festive Beauty Gifts 2021 – Skincare Gift Sets for Her

Are you a last-minute shopper or it’s just a trait you cannot tame? Regardless, thoughtful gifting is a remarkable sign of a relationship. With Diwali around the corner, what could be a thoughtful gift idea that can help you earn some brownie points? Skincare is the most talked about topic at the moment and it will be suited if you give your lady friend or relative something along the lines.

Nowadays where gifting holds a great deal, especially during Diwali, being prepared is the best you can do. The trick here is to choose wisely between what a person needs or to just gift random things that will end up getting re-gifted. Oh, that happens. You don’t what the other person likes? No worries, skincare is something every other person enjoy. Let us be your guiding light in getting a gift she will adore. 

Set of Face Serums

Face serums have earned the rightful place in everyone’s skincare routine. The consistency they come in are light and every serum has an added property to work effectively on the skin. 

Vitamin C

The festival of lights can beam even stronger with the use of this serum that’s been a holy grail product for many. Vitamin C is known to have enriching properties that correct hyperpigmentation leaving the skin even-toned. With regular use of Vitamin C serum, you can fade away any scarring caused by acne. If someone you know needs an extra boost, Vitamin C is a great addition to the gift collection. 


Dermatologists advise starting the use of Anti-ageing products from the mid-twenties. Retinol is a great and effective serum for someone seeing early signs of ageing. Regardless of the age, the early you start, the longer your youthfulness get maintained. Retinol sheds away the dead skin layer, revealing soft texture free skin. If used frequently, retinol helps promote collagen enabling plump looking skin. Someone you know in need of retinol, you know where to find it.


Did someone say they need treatment for acne? Look no further as Niacinamide will be your saviour from now on. This magical serum maintains oil production, the root cause of acne. Once the oil production is under control, dirt won’t get a chance to stick to the pores and clog them. It’s a matter of time, once you go all-in with Niacinamide, acne will certainly go away.

24K Pure Gold Facial Oil

Shine and hydration, all in one? With 24K Pure Gold Facial Oil, anything’s possible. With this miraculous oil, you can achieve radiant-looking skin. The oil helps dispense hydration deep into the skin, maintaining elasticity. Gift someone this serum, and they will thank you for thinking of them.  

A curated set with a few of the serums that best suits the person you are gifting can undoubtedly be the best gift she has ever received.

Body Wash Set

Any shower routine is incomplete without body wash. This product is a staple in everyone’s routine. To validate a hygienic routine, using a body wash maintains a refreshed feeling after a tiring day or even a day spent outdoors. Gifting your special someone a range of body wash will definitely be a great option as this is something that gets used in every household. 

Face Pack Set 

Self-care pampering is an underrated concept yet a crucial one. Once a week, we need to release all the tiredness accumulated that gets shown on the face. This Face packs are great for detoxifying the dirt and rejuvenates the skin. Gift her a set of face pack that she can switch each week as different face pack works on different problem areas. 

Set of Body Butter 

Hydration is the key to supple-looking skin and body butter instantly moisturizes the skin. With winters approaching, the loss of hydration can be recovered from the daily use of body butter. The skin of your body too get wrinkle up with age and needs the care that we tend to forget. Gift someone the pleasure to have a luxurious feeling skin, while maintaining it for a longer period. 

Clovia Botaniqa has an array of skin care products suitable for every skin type. Clovia’s skincare range is infused with natural ingredients for added effectiveness. The products have been formulated with the goodness of Ayurveda making them free from parabens, toxins, and chemicals. Clovia Botaniqa prides itself in formulating products that work on every skin concern while preventing them from recurring. 

Gifting skincare products this Diwali will raise the bar for anyone who’s receiving them. Skincare is and always will make a great gift as every product is highly usable. Even if someone doesn’t have a skincare routine, this could be a great way for them to enter into the world of self-care. Start prepping for this season of festivities with the right kind of gifting idea. 

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