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How to Keep Dry Skin Hydrated During Winters?


We all love winters. Sipping hot chocolate in your comfy clothes with your loved ones, bonfire, cup noodles, etc. –  everything seems just perfect, right? But have you ever thought about your skin? Winter can wreak chaos on your skin — making it extremely dry, itchy, and irritated as the moisture decreases during the winter months. And it feels like you cannot escape. The cold and blustery conditions outside can make your skin feeling raw, while indoor heaters wipe out moisture from the air and your skin. 

Don’t worry as at Clovia,  you know we always got your back. Here are a few tips on how to stay soft and hydrated during winters:

  1. Drink water:

Drinking WaterWater is clearly important. No matter what kind of season it is, drinking water should be your priority. But somehow you get lazy to follow it, especially during those winter months. Since two-thirds of our body is made of water, we ought to keep replenishing it regularly, especially during the winter months. Drinking 7-9 glasses of water will keep you hydrated and makes your skin look healthy.

2. Don’t dawdle in the shower:

ShowerI know hot showers are amazing and they are very relaxing. But this can be a problem during winters. Taking a long, hot shower feels good when you’re cold, but it’ll make your skin even drier. So try to keep showers short and warm during winter.

 3. Follow up with a moisturizer or body butter:

After you hop out of the shower, apply a light layer of body oil followed by a rich body cream or lotion or body butter(if your skin is extremely dry). It is very important to do this while the skin is still a bit damp. This helps the moisturizer to sink into your skin and keep it well hydrated.

Clovia-Botaniqa-No-Stretch-Marks-Oil-13-in-1-FormulationThis oil helps in effectively lightening scars and reducing the appearance of stretch marks while ensuring to provide enough moisture to your skin. While the body butter makes your skin silky soft and well hydrated. It moisturizes your skin well and gives a boosting effect.

4. Add a mask to your skincare routine:

Studies say that masks are helpful because they forcefully introduce the hydrating ingredients into the skin. A mask is like a clingfilm-it prevents things from going out and pushes things in. This will lock the right amount of moisture in your skin and keeps your skin healthy and naturally glowing.

M-atcha-tea-Face-Mask-This matcha green tea hydrating face mask is enriched with organic extracts like aloe vera, matcha green tea & seaweed. This makes your skin look naturally beautiful, flawless, and revitalized.

5. Nipple butter for nursing moms:

Sore and dry nipples are every new mom’s nightmare. And this gets worse during winters. Your regular moisturizer is really helpless at that time. Don’t worry as nipple butter can take care of that problem. 

NIPPLE-BUTTER-ALL-NATURAL-This nipple butter is safe for both mom & baby. It is enriched with natural ingredients like kokum butter, olive oil & vitamin E which are best known for their moisturizing and healing properties. This nipple butter helps in moisturizing the skin and soothes sore nipples. It has a non-greasy formulation that quickly absorbs into the skin. The ingredients are safe which means you don’t need to worry if the nipple butter gets ingested by the baby.

It’s important to take care of your skin especially during winter because the moisture decreases during winter leading to itchy and dry skin. These tips will make sure to keep your skin feeling moist and supple all season long. Take care of your skin at home this winter by following these simple tips.



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