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Dietary Changes You Gotta Make for a Healthy Skin

What suffices our taste glands, takes a toll on other glands, because life isn’t that simple, eh? The prolonged pleasing of our taste buds corresponds to breaking out. Let’s talk about the phrase, you are what you eat. Who knew that a few words can make a whole lot of sense, even though we deny it almost every time. Well, breaking out isn’t just a ‘phase’ that will pass away. We are deemed to have set parameters or suffer the consequence, in silence. 

Oh, we know, having to make a choice of not eating what our heart appreciates is an unlikely scenario. Especially when you have a sweet tooth, it’s an invitation to several skin concerns. Junk food as a whole is a magnet to attract the wrong that’s been happening with your skin, probably your health as well. Moderate consumption of junk food, like a treat to yourself, will certainly prevail over the adversities you have been facing with your skin. 

 Dairy & Oily Products Leads to Acne

Being lactose intolerant is one thing, but dairy products are known to trigger the skin which results in breaking out. Minimising the use of dairy products will allow your skin to heal on its own. Similarly, oil food, need we say more? We are well aware of the consequences of eating oily food. Your skin is bound to break out, because excessive oil consumption is directly proportional to pimples. 

Sugar Consumption Lessens the Collagen Production

Healthy collagen production is what slows down the ageing process. Sugar, on the other hand, tarnishes the production while making you age faster.  The skin elasticity tends to degrade, which leads to skin sagging. Honestly, the best-kept secret to young skin is limiting the consumption of sugar. The best substitute you choose whenever you feel like craving sweets are fruits. It’s more like a compromise but looking 30 even when you are 50 is a deal we kinda like, right? 

Now that you know the kind of food you have to avoid, let’s focus on treating the damage that has already been done. 


Niacinamide is a gentle serum best for sensitive skin that combats acne-causing bacteria. In order to achieve clear skin, the combination of two active ingredients like niacinamide and salicylic acid, in lower concentrations, will result in clear skin. Clovia Botaniqa’s anti-acne serum will control sebum production, enabling the skin to be less clogged. 

Skin Revival

Retinol is a holy grail active ingredient that has anti-ageing properties. A serum that contains retinol will help reverse the sign of ageing like fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes. Additionally, it helps to maintain skin elasticity, making the skin appear more youthful. It helps brighten the skin and repairs the damage caused by harmful UV rays. Clovia Botaniqa’s anti-ageing face serum is a sure shot solution to prevent the skin from ageing further. 

Clovia Botaniqa skincare range is a curated solution to several skin concerns. Formulated with the richness of Ayurveda, the products are free from parabens, toxins and harmful chemicals. If you are in search of organic products that work wonders on your skin, you are at the right place. 

Taking a step towards a healthy lifestyle will bring about a significant change in the way you look at life. Well-balanced meal prep is the need of the hour since a healthy body leads to achieving your goals. Treating yourself right will ensure happiness flows your way. 

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