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Every Girls Guide To Healthy Breasts


How to take care of your breasts?

Taking care of breasts is the personal responsibility of all women. It is often ignored by most women & the excuses can be many. Breasts are tender tissues and need to be cared for like any other part of our body. Healthy lifestyle choices can reduce the risk of lethal diseases, be it heart, liver, lungs or breasts. It might not happen in a fortnight or in a few months.Healthy breasts can be sustained by consistent selection of proper and beneficial choices that can keep your pair of breasts healthy and ailment free.

Taking care of your breasts

Here are some easy ways to take care of your breasts:


Keeping your diet balanced and nutritious not only helps in ensuring a healthy routine but also enriches your body with necessary vitamins. When it comes to your breast, it becomes important to go for yellow/orange fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidant beta-carotene, which reduces the possibility of breast cancer.

Eat your veggies. Green vegetables do wonders. Broccoli and Kale contain sulforaphane which is believed to reduce and prevent multiplication of cancer cells. Green leafy veggies and pigmented vegetables like carrots and beetroot are excellent for the body.

Eat healthy


Weight plays a major role not only for your body but also in keeping the breasts healthy so it’s important to be active and maintain a healthy weight. Your BMI should be 25, anything over that puts you at a risk of contracting breast cancer.
High cholesterol levels can easily increase the risk of breast cancer. Therefore following a regular exercise routine is quite important. This helps in keeping the estrogen level normal in your body thereby preventing the causes that trigger the risk.
To be precise, obesity increases the risk of breast cancer, it helps the tumor to develop and grow underneath the fat layers.

Exercise regularly


While many of us ignore this factor but an ill-fitting bra can not only cause a lot of discomfort but can also be harmful for your breast health. Therefore, it is always better to check your bra size every 6 months just to ensure that you are wearing the right size. It is also advisable to check the bra size every time you are buying a new one even if it is in a month’s time.

Wear the right bra size


Getting into a sports bra during fitness routines is one of the best ways of safeguarding your breasts against damage. Heavy cardio exercises or weight training can sometimes damage the ligaments that can be prevented by the sports bra. Every sports bra today has a particular impact level, which is determined by the level of activity done. So, it is best to choose a sports bra as per the activity you are going to do.

Wear sports bra


Stop smoking. Yes, not just the lungs, it affects the whole body. Smoking is related to cancer. If you don’t smoke, don’t start, and in case you do, use as many resources to help you quit. Smoking can lower metabolism, cause cellulite and make the skin age before time.
Also, reduce your daily caffeine and alcohol intake. This will prevent breast pain caused by tenderness.

Avoid unhealthy lifestyle


You are the best person who can judge the changes in your breasts. So, it is best to self-examine every now and then. Changes in shape, size and skin texture can be an indication along with lumps, discharges and rashes. It is best to get in touch with a doctor anytime you feel you are in doubt as an early diagnosis can easily clear your chances of getting cured.

You do not need to feel the pain necessarily before seeing the doctor. Fix up appointments at regular intervals and go for all the necessary tests and assessments.

Take care of yourself and your breasts, it is important. Do not ignore!

Conduct regular self-exams


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