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Essential Nude Monsoon Lingerie For Working Women

With the aunt drizzle visiting us every now and then. Ditch those ugly over-sized wind-cheaters and enjoy the monsoon with some swag.  Getting caught out in a downpour can leave you… ahem… compromised. Save yourself from embarrassing show-through by sticking with a lightly padded bra, or nipple tape. It’s best to stay away from those whites too, for its far worse when your white shirt goes all transparent on you. Always have handful of monsoon lingerie to rock your dress in style, even in those dreadful pours.

Here are some essentials that you absolutely cannot ignore:


VPL or visible panty lines are a complete no-no, regardless of what you are wearing in the office (be it skirt or pants) VPL should be avoided. Wear seamless undies under your fitted skirt. These seamless panties come in various style namely, bikinis thongs, hipsters and boyshorts.  They give you a smooth silhouette and accentuate your oh-so sexy figure. No panty lines panties in nude shade during rains are an absolute savior. For you definitely don’t want your panties peeking out through your wet bottoms.


In case your skirt and/ or pants are well fitting, then please wear a thong. Tad uncomfortable? Yes. Required? YES! It a must-have add to the monsoon lingerie treasure.

Polyamide bras

Monsoon calls for a fabric that is quite the opposite of absorbent. For that matter polyamide bras are the best option to go with. Polyamide is fabricated with natural fibers that absorb moisture thus drying up quickly. It is comfortable to wear and has a soft next to skin feel to it.

Do the white’s right

Never, EVER wear white panties with white trousers or a white skirt. Always wear nude coloured ones under white clothing. Also if you do end up wearing white to the office, make sure no colourful lingerie is worn. You are not a part of Paris Hilton’s entourage.

Camisole to the rescue

Wear a camisole with absolutely no hint to be seen from under your blazer, unless it is the kind which is supposed to be worn under the jacket. The crux being, you never know when you’ll be drenched in rain. Always be ready for the no bra show.

Enjoy the rains. In style! 🙂

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