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Effective Tips to Keep Your Breast Healthy

Breast health is often ignored by most women, whereas it should be the personal responsibility of all women. Breast are tender and need to be cared for.

Reducing the risk of deadly diseases is all about making healthy choices and daily lifestyle changes. It is not going to happen in a fortnight or in a few months. Consistent selection of proper and beneficial choices can keep your pair healthy and disease free.

  • Be active and maintain your healthy weight: Your BMI should be 25, anything over that puts you at a risk of contracting breast cancer.

Being overweight produces more estrogen and can make hormone receptor positive and then breast cancer develops and grows. Remember to eat healthy and do cardio for 30 minutes minimum. Yoga and pilates also burn fat in the body.

  • Eat your veggies: Broccoli and Kale contain sulfroaphane which is believed to reduce and prevent multiplication of cancer cells. Green leafy veggies and pigmented vegetables like carrots and beetroot are excellent for the body.
  • Stop smoking: Smoking is related to cancer. If you don’t smoke, don’t start, and in case you do, use as many resources to help you quit.
  • Check your bra size: Check your bra size and wear a proper bra. Wrong bra can lead to posture problems, sagging breasts, irreversible damage to breast ligaments, breast pain, shoulder pain and back pain. Measure bra size accurately with a measuring tape. Check your size with bra size calculator and find your perfect style.
  • Apply sunscreen: Yes, you heard me right. Most of us know the direct relationship between harmful sunrays and cancer but still are not very regular with adequate sunscreen application. Invest in a good sunscreen and apply it over all the exposed parts, this includes your breast when sun bathing. Sun exposures puts the delicate chest area at risk of sunburn, rashes and irritation.
  • Wear a sports bra: When we workout, the breast move with the movement of the body. Exercising without a supportive brassiere leads to discomfort and pain, damage to ligaments causes sagging of the breast.
  • Breast exams and awareness is a must: Take regular breast examinations and be well aware of the vaccines and methods to reduce health risks. Read here more on breast examination-

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