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Clovia’s Bundle Of Joy: The Maternity Wear

You’re pregnant, hooray! But now what to do about your wardrobe? As your body begins to change and your belly grows, you’ll have the opportunity to sport the latest in maternity fashion. Glowing, beautiful and radiant are just a few words that people commonly use to describe a pregnant woman, but it is easy to feel less than stunning when you are bloated and your waistline increases by the day. Luckily, there are maternity wear that can show off your favorite assets and play down the parts that you are not as excited to show the world.

As your body changes, you will find that you need to replace just about every piece of clothing in your pre-pregnancy wardrobe. Maternity clothing makes  at Clovia know this, and they craft specialty clothing of all types, including:

Why should you wear Nursing Bras?

Clovia’s Nursing Bras are crafted with the same care and precision with which you take care of your new-born. From being extra soft to avoid any kind of irritation or rashes to providing utmost ease of breastfeeding, here’s what makes our nursing bras special.

Nursing Bras

  • Butter soft fabric that’s gentle on the skin to avoid rashes or irritation
  • Detached flaps with a single hand for easy feeding
  • Some of our styles have lightly padded cups with absorbent lining to take care of mild untimely secretions
  • Wide seams & cushioned straps for better support and comfort for the breasts
  • Cheerful designs in a wide variety of sizes that range from 32-40 for B to E cups

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Difference between Maternity Panties and Regular Panties?

Clovia brings you a wonderful range of maternity panties crafted to support you during all the physical changes during pregnancy. Their features include –

Maternity Panties

  • Stretchable cotton spandex fabric to adapt to growing tummy and buttocks
  • Over-cut waist design in front for a higher & comfortable coverage
  • Highly absorbent 4-way stretch fabric treated for softness
  • Cute styles & custom fits

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How are Maternity Nighties Ideal for New Moms?

Clovia’s maternity nighties have been crafted to accompany new moms to a good night sleep and make their early mom phase blissful. We also bring a unique range of stylish & comfortable maternity nightsuits for young moms to complement their comfort & fashion quotient. Their features include –

Maternity Nighties

  • 100% cotton fabric for smooth comfort and irritation free feel all day & night
  • Comfortable loose fit to match your fluctuating pregnancy weight
  • Long front button placket or discreet zipper to facilitate ease of feeding anytime, anywhere

You don’t have to change your look when you become pregnant. Our range of maternity clothes will make you feel your usual stylish self, whether it’s for a day at the office, at a wedding, or simply chilling out on the sofa. From business clothes to activewear, we’ve got you and your bump covered for the next few months.

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