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What is Maternity Panties? Know All about Maternity Panties

What is Maternity Panties? Know All about Maternity Panties

Are you pregnant and looking for a comfortable maternity undergarment? We understand, as your belly inflates along with the rest of you, wearing your old underwear gradually becomes challenging. In situations like these, just remember you’re shoving two people into that pair of underwear now, not just one! So don’t feel bad about outgrowing your favorite underwear, you’ll be back in them soon enough. For now, you need to find the best maternity panties for you and the little one. You’ll be spending a lot of time with them over the next few months thus, avoid underclothing that’s going to be uncomfortable.

Maternity Support Panty makes everyday dressing convenient, comfortable and fun for mothers. Customized from premium quality, soft cotton fabrics, the panty offers support to your lower back and abdominal area while tumbling down the pressure on your pelvic muscles. It easily stretches to fit the growing belly during pregnancy and is comfortable to wear even in course of post-pregnancy until you retain your normal shape. The panty works proficiently yet quietly providing clean, seamless lines that are invisible under the clothes, allowing you ease of movement and a perfect ensemble.

Moms require lingerie that is soft, supportive and breathable as they the step towards their transition into motherhood. Therefore, there are a few things you might want to consider before going out shopping for your maternity underwear:

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Know your size

Consider your current size doesn’t literally mean your current size, but the calculative idea of how many weeks you still have to go and how much weight you could potentially gain during that time.

Know your waist type

You can get underwear that come up over your belly if you want, but you can also get low riders that go way under your belly. Both the panty styles have their own benefits. The low riders leave far fewer panty lines. On the contrary, the high risers cover their belly. Choose according to your convenience.

Know your comfort

If you don’t want to take the granny panty route, there are a lot of trendy women’s maternity underwear out there. Pick underwear that make you feel good about yourself.

There is no hard and fast rule as to when you must start wearing maternity underwear. Some women put up a lot of weight right from the beginning of their pregnancy. Other women start to pile on the pounds in the last half of their pregnancy. Maternity underwear can help you feel more comfortable when you’re in late pregnancy. Then again, the situation varies according to body type.

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