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How to Choose Lingerie According to Your Skin Tone?

How to Choose Lingerie According to Your Skin Tone?

Color selection either makes an outfit explode like a firecracker or it makes it fizzle like a dud. Sure, you could at all times just buy black and white, but that is bound to you lead to a pretty boring collection of lingerie eventually. After all, who eats only chocolate and vanilla ice cream when you can mix it up with flavors like cookies and cream or rocky road?

To pick that killer lingerie, you’ve got to work with your natural assets, the twinkle in your eye, the flick of your hair, and the gleam of your skin. Find the right set of bra and panty, work your magic just right, and who knows what you might accomplish.

Eye color

For blue eyes, all shades of blue spectrum will do the job. This can give you quite a few options considering the existing shades of blue. Browns or a mix of blues with browns also work very well for the blue-eyed lady. For the green eyed lady of course anything with green. However, reds and floral prints with reds and greens in an amalgamation are just outstanding. Olives and earth tones will also match the green eye color well. Hazel eyes have a wide range of possibilities. They can get away with blues, greens, browns, and all earth tones. Brown-eyed women look splendid in purples, browns, and the darker colors. So remember, when shopping for the perfect piece you need to consider colors that will make your eyes stand out.

Hair color

Blondes are inclined to look best in pastel colors. The light pinks, blues, purples, and greens do not over power the light nature of the hair color. Too dark of a color can make your face look washed out and won’t compliment you. Brunettes look wonderful in stronger colors, earth tones, and colorful prints. You need to stick with colors that will not be so light that they fade out of the main focus. Navy blue, hunter, green, red, and purples will all look great with darker hair. Redheads look undeniably astonishing in bright sassy colors like red, emerald green, crisp blues and purples. They work as well as earth tones too. Make sure you try things on to be sure they bring out your hair and not make it look non-existent. Part of the sexiness in women is their hair. You are trying to tie together all your best assets not hide them.

Skin color

You don’t want to pick a lingerie color that will subdue your natural skin color, nor do you want to choose one that will blend in with you. Fair complexioned women are recommended to stick to pastels and powder colors. Of course, unless you are matching your hair or eye color, which in that case can generate an air of effervescent beauty. Women have a more mid range skin color can pick out stronger colors, but, as always, use your hair and eye color as a guide. Women who have dark skin have a wide assortment of options available to them. Light colors will offer a stark contrast and make you skin stand out, which can be fairly alluring. Ladies with darker skin can also use darker colors if they like. For a more exotic twist, try a daring pattern that will wow him!

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