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5 Panties That Are The Secret Love Of Every Women

Men and women are poles apart when it comes to picking panties or undergarments. While men may just do fine with their boring black or white boxers, we women demand variety. ‘I have enough panties’, said no woman ever! However, women do have their favorites amongst those innumerous briefs too.

Here’s a list of top 5 panties that women love

1. Lace Grace

Lace, bows and ribbons, they somehow always manage to triggers our feminine side; such panties have a very captivating charm that makes women feel graceful and lady-like. The more delicate the lace the prettier we feel wearing them. Must-haves for special occasions *wink wink*

Peach Lace Panty

2. Cool Boyshorts

Why should boys have all the fun? We women have taken over the men wardrobe by a storm. Slaying those pants suits or sporting that laidback look in a boyfriend shirt, we do fashion better than men. Let us spill the beans; it’s not only the outerwear but innerwear too! We love lazing around in comfy boyshorts, a tee and a messy bun is what makes us feel sexier than ever.


Pink Boyshorts

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3. Granny Panties

Well, who knew that the high waist hipsters aka granny panties can be as sexy as thongs?

Thanks to the major fashion comeback of retro style. Women love to wear these because it’s one of the most flattering fit, it avoids side bulges and muffin tops making women of all body type look sexy.

High Waist Hipster

4. Tighty Whites

Bikinis, hipsters or thongs- any in white looks classic and elegant.  Every woman owns at least one pair of tighty whites and by far this is her all-time favorite.

White Bikini



5. Thongs- Sexy or Comfy?

While thongs could be sexy for majority of men out there, we women find it probably the most comfortable type of panty. We love how this pretty little thing goes almost invisible under the tightest of our clothes.


Thong Back

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