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Sexy Lingerie For All The Single Ladies!

Sexy Lingerie For All The Single Ladies

Women and their love for lingerie is not something new. Truth be told, they secretly love their lingerie more than they love men! When women buy sexy lingerie, it is not only for the eyes of their partner but also for the joy they derive out of wearing something sexy. Women are often found ogling at sexy lingerie in stores and once they give in to the temptation of trying a few pieces on, those pieces are sure to land in their shopping basket. Such is the power of sexy lingerie.


If you have been eyeing sexy valentine lingerie for a while now, it is time you start dropping hints to your partner about how they can impress you by giving you lingerie pieces as Valentine’s Day romantic gifts. Contrary to what most men would like to believe, women wear sexy lingerie not just at night but even during the day. Shocked much? Well, when a Superman can wear his sexy briefs all day while he is at work, women too can wear their sexy bra to the office and feel like Wonder Woman. 


If you are looking for ideas on how you can sneakily wear your sexy lingerie all day long we are here to help you, darling. Ready for some mischief, eh?


  • Padded lace bra


Padded Lace Bra


You can wear this bra under all your day outfits unless of course, the dress you choose is a white office shirt. Even with that, a nude lace bra would be a no-show. You can get this bra in both wired and wire-free variants depending on your comfort level. Buy this valentine day lingerie gift and see it add confidence to your body language.


  • Satin bra and bikini panty set


Satin bra and bikini panty set


A hot summer day and the feel of cold satin on your body, that is what we call comfortable and liberating. Try the tie-up satin bra and bikini panty set from Clovia and wear it under a summery floral dress for your luncheon date on valentine’s day.


  • Jacquard non-wired non-padded bra


Jacquard non-wired non-padded bra


You can feel like a diva from inside while you wear your western or even traditional attire over it. Since it is wire-free, you get a comfortable feeling all day long and the absence of pads maintains the natural shape of your breasts.


  • Padded non-wired longline bra


Padded non-wired longline bra


If you don’t own longline bras by now, you are likely to be disowned by all the lingerie gods of the world for the blasphemy. Longline bras have joined the league of lingerie pieces that can double up as outerwear, so you can feel sexy and flaunt them off to the world.


All you single ladies out there, it’s time you start an affair with these sexy lingerie pieces!

Anubhuti Gupta

Anubhuti Gupta

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