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Bra Myths Busted!

There is an awful lot of misinformation and misconceptions circulating about what a bra does and doesn’t do. After a whole lot of researching, digging and discovering, we at Clovia are going to debunk some of the many common brassiere myths. You don’t need to be a lingerie expert to know what your brassiere can do. Just read through…

MYTH – Tightening my brassiere straps will make my bra fit better

FACT – It’s not the bra straps or the cups that do the maximum hard work in supporting you. It’s the unsung hero aka your bra band. Find a band size that hugs you well and stays put as you move around.

MYTH – A loose fitting bra is the most comfortable.

FACT – A well fitted bra is not meant to be loose from anywhere.  A well fitted brassiere is one has a fitted band, shoulder straps and cups.  The right bra should hug your body snugly.

MYTH – Once you know your size every brassiere in that size should work for you.

FACT – Different bra fits may require different sizing. Your body shape dictates the kind of bra you should wear. There are a few brassier styles that might suit a body type. Refer to Clovia’s fit test to get your ideal size and fit.

MYTH – My back and shoulders pain because of my breast shape and it’s fullness.

FACT – Your shoulder and back pain due to unsupported breasts and has nothing to do with its size and shape. You need to change your brassiere ASAP. Clovia recommends full coverage bras for fuller breasts. Try Clovia’s bra size calculator to get to your ideal bra size.

MYTH – Brassiere trap toxins and increase cancer risk

FACT – This being an extremely common myth, but brassiere – even an underwire – in no way increase a woman’s risk of developing cancer.

MYTH – The average breast size is 34B

FACT – The average breast size is 36C but it truly varies from individual to individual.

MYTH – A good and well fitted brassiere lasts a lifetime

FACT –  Sorry to say but no brassiere can last you a lifetime, even the best of them can last you a year. After a year the quality starts diminishing. How I wish this were true, we would have saved a lot of money, right?

MYTH – 34C and 36C have the same cup size.

FACT Cups are graded as per the band size you are wearing. Simply put, 34C has same cup size as 32D or 36B.

MYTH – Cup size D is a large size.

FACT Sizes range from AA to JJ. D cup is right at the beginning. D, or even bigger, if you’ve got them, flaunt them!

MYTH – Wear white under white.

FACTA white bra or brief under white dress or pants does you no good. Always pick lingerie in a shade that’s closest to your natural skin-tone like nudes or pale pinks.

MYTH – Underwires could be a health hazard.

FACT – BUSTED! There is no conclusive research on this. A well fitted underwire brassiere can do wonders to your silhouette. Make sure that the wire is not poking anywhere and sits well placed under your breasts.

MYTH – Small sized women can wear push up bras with pads daily.

FACT BUSTED! A push up style with pads can unnaturally knead breast tissue leading to sagging at a later stage. Wear pushups in rotation with other bras. A well fitted bra should give your bust a good lift and an enviable silhouette.

From the lingerie experts-

I hope we have been able to successfully deflate some of the doubts and misconceptions you have regarding bras and what they do. You can always leave your doubts in the comments below, our experts will solve them.


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