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Are Your Bra Straps Hurting Your Shoulders? Here’s The Solution!

Digging bra straps are the most painful lingerie problems of all. Women suffering from bra strap rashes and digs know how bad and frustrating it gets. During summers and monsoons the situation worsens because of sweat.

Digging straps lead to a lot of problems in mobility, pain and weakness of arms. If not taken seriously, they eventually damage your nerves and can further result in:

  • Limited arm movement
  • Weakness in the arms & hands
  • Tingling or pins and needles in the arm
  • Blue or swollen hands and fingers
  • Distorted body posture


Can we ever get rid of this issue? The answer is YES, but first we need to check the root cause of the problem in order to find a solution. Digging shoulder straps is probably the most common problem that most of the women face. Let’s check out a be a few possible reasons behind the problem.

Wrong Size

You could be wearing the wrong size or type. It is important to get your size checked every 6 months. There are high chances of women wearing a smaller cup or a tighter band which results in ill-fitting and body aches.

Tight Straps

At times, women make the silliest mistake of not adjusting the shoulder straps, doing that can solve your problem in a jiffy. A lot of women also believe that keeping your straps tight will lift your breasts better and give you a proper fit; this is not at all true! In fact, your straps to should never lift any weight, that job should be taken care by the bra band. Straps are there just for additional support.

Right Style

Maybe you’re wearing the right size but what about the right style? Not all bra styles suit your body type. It is important to understand what your body type is and pick a bra style that compliments your type. Putting it in simple words, a heavy busted woman should pick a bra with broad side bands and broader shoulder straps to distribute the weight evenly.

Expiry Date

Yes your bra too has an expiry date! Old bras that no longer fit you should be discarded. Wearing a smaller size with tight straps and cups can be suffocating. Therefore you need to get the correct size of bra.

Law of Gravity

We all know how the bras work against the law of gravity. They keep your breasts up and perky all day long rather than them hanging comfortably otherwise. Therefore after wearing your bestie all day long you need to ditch your bra at night while sleeping to control red bra marks, bruises and rashes.

Hacks & Tricks

The lingerie geniuses first create a bra then make you experience bra problems and then they give you SOLUTIONS! Funny isn’t it, we have a solution for digging straps –  Bra Strap Pad. These are cushioned silicon pads that have a slit at the centre to keep your strap in place. The gel formulation keeps you at comfort for long hours. One easy DIY in case of emergency is using a sanitary napkin like a strap pad.

Bra Strap Pads
Bra Strap Pads

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