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Help! The Bra Straps Keep Falling Off My Shoulders

Talk about lingerie problems and ‘falling bra straps’ will be most common one. While most of us face the same issue, our reasons could differ. Let’s find out why your bra straps misbehave. Worry not because we have solutions to all your problems.

Just ask yourself a couple of questions to identify the reason behind your falling straps.

When did I last adjust my straps?

Adusting Bra Straps

When you buy a brand new bra the straps are set at a standard length. Most of the bras come with adjusters to help you get a better fit. The most obvious and stupid mistake that women often make is not caring to adjust the straps. After a couple of washes your straps are likely to loose its elasticity and make result in falling off your shoulders. It’s advised to adjust them every month. Now you must be like; Duh! Why didn’t I think of it before?

Is your cup too big?

Cup Size Too Big

You should take a bra size test once in every 6 months. Age and health play their games and result in loss of breasts volume. This loss creates an extra space in the cups making the straps not sit comfortably on the shoulders and rather falling off every now and then.

Is your bra band big?

Bra Band Too Big

You might have a slighter bigger cup size but it isn’t important that you have a larger underbust size too. If you have picked a bra with a larger band size, it is most likely that the shoulder straps will keep slipping because they are set far apart.

Narrow Shoulder


Not everyone has the same body frame, some women have narrow shoulders which limits the styles of bras they can wear. For example bra styles like balconette with wide set straps will not work for them at all. Switching from such bras to multiway or racerback bras will help them get rid of the problem. Also, a lot of women say they find racerback bras more comfortable and supportive.

Slopping Shoulder

Slopping Shoulders

Similar to narrow shoulder slopping shoulders may make all kinds of straps slip down the slope. One way to get them in place is by using a bra convertor ring. It’s a plastic ring which holds both your bra straps together and doesn’t let them misbehave.

Now that you know it all, you’re a step away from getting that perfect fit!


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