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Editorial Desk May 29, 2018 1 min read

5 signs you need a thyroid check

Feeling weary in the middle of the day or experiencing lack of energy even after plenty rest might suggest underactive thyroid and demands a check right away!

Digestion problems
Thyroid glands control bowel moments. Feeling constipated or bloated all the time might be a symptom of sluggish thyroid while persistent diarrhoea suggests overactive thyroid.

Hair problems
Hair loss is natural but sometimes may suggest overactive thyroid in case of severe hair loss and sluggish thyroid in case of brittle hair or loss in outer edge of eyebrows. Get diagnosed in case of doubts!

Depression or anxiety
Sluggish thyroid is commonly associated with depression while overactive thyroid is associated with anxiety or panic attacks. In either case, consult a doctor immediately as these might be signs of thyroid problems.

Menstrual & fertility issues
Heavier, more painful & frequent periods can suggest sluggish thyroid, while shorter, lighter or infrequent ones might be related to overactive thyroid. Rising infertility is also often associated with it. Finding thyroid problem solution should be utmost priority.

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