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5 Rules to Remember Before Wearing a Tank Top

5 Rules to Remember Before Wearing a Tank Top

Tank top is really a tricky piece of attire. Drawing a thin line amidst the great and the worst. The difference can be identified easily if there’s any lack of inch of fabric. Typical, isn’t it? Yet, it’s one of the favorite pieces of fabric that both men and women love. Tank tops can be worn in any place- to college, to a party, and even to gym. So it’s very important to ensure a few points before buying a tank top. Tank tops are the best bet for women who have curvaceous figures.

Here, in this blog, I’ll mention 5 golden rules to remember before wearing a tank top:

1. Have enough confidence

My sweeties! All you need is a damn confidence first. No matter what kind of body shape you have, it’s important to have enough confidence to wear anything. So first things first- confidence is all you need!

2. Make sure of the size

Make sure of the sizeIt’s very important to check your size properly. The outstanding fit of a tank top is that it should never be below the belt. Rather it should fall below the belt loops. Perfect tank top should try to highlight the silhouette. Truth be told- body hugging fit is a strict no!

3. What kind of bra should you wear?

What kind of bra should you wear?Now this can be tricky. Your regular bras will not work under tank tops. Seamless bras, T-shirt bras, lightly padded bras, and padded bras can be the best choices. Seamless bras ensure a clean silhouette look. Women who have big busts can go with t-shirt bras that have seamless cups and for women with small busts can go with lightly or heavily padded bras.

4. Amount of skin to be revealed

A lot of women stress about this. This concept is very simple, the amount of skin to be revealed should not cross over the square inches covering the body by the tank tops. Also, make sure the armholes of your tank top are supposed to slide no farther than your first rib and the neck area should end over the scope of your pits.

5. Tank top- for any occasion

Tank top- for any occasionTank tops can be the best part of an outfit for sure. So not only at the gym or beachwear or while running, you can style a tank top for different occasions too. Keep this point in your mind ladies! Tank tops are incredible for layering under light coats, jackets, oversized shirts, and even under mesh tops. You can don it under a denim jacket and can go for clubbing trust this gives you all classic chick vibes! Try buying tank tops that have different colors and patterns. Check out graphic strips, block coloring, tonal patterns, bohemian print , floral prints, and much more. These kinda tank tops will go great with distressed jeans or trousers.

Considering the facets of slaying in a tank top, ladies, you should try to style not only in accordance with the fashion trends but also go with physical attributes and attitude!



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