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Styling Swimwear Off the Beach

Tips on styling swimwear

How often do you take your swimwear out of the closet apart from an occasional pool party or a beach vacation that you might take once a year? Moreover, quality swimwear is often expensive, and getting such little use out of them would be hurtful to you as well as to your pocket. What if we told you that you could easily style your swimwear as everyday outfits and wear them on various occasions. Just as with any other piece of your wardrobe, with swimwear as well you can explore different styles, and mix and match them with various clothing items to create your unique looks. Here are some swimwear styling tips that you can utilize in your day-to-day life.  

Style it as a Bodysuit

Pair your swimsuit, especially the ones with plunging necklines with leather pants or body-con skirts for the sexy diva look. You can accessorize it with earrings and a necklace of your choice. Complete the look with a fancy pair of heels and prepare yourself to be the head-turner at any event. If you are looking for something casual, you can pair your swimsuit with printed shorts, earrings, and sneakers for an effortless yet glamorous casual look.  

This monokini in red can be styled in varied ways as a bodysuit. 

Desi Look With A Twist

Take inspiration from Urfi Javed and style your bikini top as a blouse the next time you wear a saree. 

Your bikini tops can be a great alternative for blouses. So give those old blouses a break and take your bikini tops out of the closet. Pair them with a matching or contrasting saree for a distinct and stunning look. The next time you are confused about what to wear to a wedding, do give this look a try. Complete the look with heavy jewellery and high heels. Now you can wear sarees anytime you want without the hassle of finding a matching blouse. 

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Source: Actress Viral

Wear it as a Crop Top

Whether it is a romantic date or just lounging at home, you can simply style your bikini top as a crop top. Pair it with joggers, denim, shorts, or a skirt of your choice, and your cute and comfy outfit is ready. If you plan to step out of the house, you can add a bit of glamour to the outfit by accessorizing it with earrings and a necklace and putting on matching footwear- sneakers or heels whichever you’d prefer. This style requires very little effort and looks really chic. 

Want to recreate this style? Check this out:

Source: Pinterest

Pair it with Tank Tops

Tank tops with low-cut armholes can be paired with not just your regular bikini but several kinds of bikini styles including bandeaus, halter-necks, and many more. This style looks best when brightly coloured bikinis are paired with contrasting tank tops. This look also offers you less skin show so that you feel comfortable wearing it for any casual outing. Be it a trip to the market or cafe hopping with your friends, this style will not let you down.

Here’s something similar to recreate this style: 

Layering for the win

For all those women who feel confident in covering up, this swimwear styling tip is for you. You can simply layer your swimwear with a flowy shrug, shirt, or denim jacket. If you wearing your swimsuit as a bodysuit with joggers or jeans underneath, you can complete the outfit by layering it with a denim jacket for an edgy and stylish look. If you wish to wear your bikini top as a crop top with a skirt or shorts, you can throw over a shrug or shirt to amp up that basic look. 

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Power-Packed Look

Wearing your bikini tops under pantsuits can really enhance the whole look while giving it a classy touch. If you are a fan of colours, you can pair your basic black pantsuit with a brightly coloured bikini top. Or you can simply opt for a monochrome look by wearing a matching one. No matter which option you choose, when complemented with minimal accessories and high heels, this outfit makes you look elegant and powerful. Not just pantsuits, you can also wear your bikini tops with co-ord sets. Switch the whole look by wearing a contrasting bikini top under a button-down co-ord set. 

Pull off this look like Shaurya Shanadhya Tulshyan: 

We hope we have inspired you to create more outfit ideas with your swimwear and urged you to finally wear them on an everyday basis. Now you do not have to think twice before buying swimwear as you can be sure you will get your money’s worth and no more waiting around for beach vacations or an invite to a pool party to finally take that swimwear out of the closet. 

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