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3 Breathable Cotton Bras for Summer

While we may all enjoy summers, wearing cute short dresses and sipping on cocktails, trust us it’s the most uncomfortable time for your breasts. Sweaty boobs are something that can bother you and your breasts through-out the day. And if you are well-endowed then it could take you to another level of discomfort and irritation. Imagine sweat under your breasts that actually creates visible patches under your tee. Just the thought of it is so scary & embarrassing. What about the itchy rashes around the under bust caused due to harsh elastic? Been through that right? Let’s all agree that lace bras look extremely pretty but considering the sultry weather and smelly sweat… umm lace bras aren’t really the best option.

Padded bras are again trouble makers in summers, the thick padding at your breasts hardly allows any air to pass through and thus results in sweat. But you’ll say you can always ditch a padded bra for a non-padded one right? Umm… you realize most of these offices, malls, movie theaters are air conditioned and at times they are so chilly that it almost feels like a hill station. We are sure you wouldn’t want your nipples saying hi to every onlooker.

So is there a solution to all these problems? Are these problems even avoidable? Well, what we if said yes!

Let’s check out 3 breathable cotton bras from Clovia that you should be wearing this summer.

  1. Slim Pad Bra

A slim pad bra as the name suggests has a very slim pad. It is very lightly padded to camouflage the headlight effect while letting your skin breathe through. Crafted with full coverage cotton cups and a high centre, this style is perfect for your everyday wear. It has a U-shaped back to go with your slighty low back tops, kurtas and dresses.

  1. Spacer Cup Bra

A spacer cup bra features ultra-light foam cups sandwiched between two fabrics. These cups are moulded to give a fuller and a round shape to the breasts. This can be disguised as a T-shirt bra as it works amazingly well with body-hugging outfits. It has been crafted with richness of cotton and decorated with super soft lace. This bra style feels like air and it best for summers.

  1. Double Layered Bra

Ditch the pads altogether and opt for double layered cups. Crafted with cotton rich fabric, these bras are non-padded and non-wired to keep you away from pokes and sweat. The fabric is extremely absorbent and this breathable bra keeps you dry all day long. The cups have double layered cups that are thick enough to protect your modesty and light enough to let your skin breathe.

So no more bra woes this summer! Get going and grab these 3 must-have breathable cotton bras for summer.


Rachika Singh

Rachika Singh

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