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aBRAcadabra - Life story

If you have ever surfed the Bra wiki corners of Internet then you would know that strapless, padded, push-up, silicon, lace are not the only versions of bras that exist. Bullet, corset, handkerchief too are versions of a bra! Amazed? Wait till you get to know the life story of a bra.


Made of silk and wire, 1st ever bra appeared in Great Britain.


Herminie Cadolle from France cut the corset into two parts and made corselet-gorge (that supported the breasts) and soutien- gorge (a bra with straps) and gave corset a makeover.


The word ‘Brassiere’ appeared 1st time in American Vogue in the history of bras. A year later it got included in the Oxford English Dictionary.


19 year old socialite from New York, Mary Phelps Jacobs sew 2 silk handkerchiefs with pink silk ribbon and cord. Hence, ‘Backless Bra’ was created! She later sold the patent to Warner Brothers Corset Company for $1,500.


Since corsets had metal wired frames, women were asked to stop wearing corsets due to shortage of metal in World War 1. The brassiere then became the alternative undergarment choice of women.


Brassieres evolved into’ Bandeaus’. They flattened the bust and gave women an androgynous look.


Ida Rosenthal, her husband William along with Enid Bisset created Maidenform. The modern system of cup sizes began from here as an important turn of events in the bra history timeline. The bras made during this time enhanced the natural form of woman’s assets.


Brassiere got popularly known as ‘Bra’, marking this year as a milestone in the origin of Bra as a word.


To protect the women working factories during World War 2, Bullet or Torpedo bras were invented. They were conical in structure and were designed for maximum protection.


1st ever push up bra was invented by Frederick Mellinger.


Actress Marilyn Monroe popularized the Sweater Girl look (wearing a bullet bra). This led to a sudden boom in the trend.


The famous ‘Freedom Trashcan Protest’ happened during Miss America Competition in Atlantic City Broadway. 400 women threw their bras, makeup, hair sprays in the trash can to protest against societal pressure.


Vermont University students Lisa Lindahl, Linda Mille and Polly Smith invented the 1st Sports bra and called it the Jogbra. It was made out of 2 jog straps sewn together. Many famous lingerie brands were swoon over by the girls.


Pop singer Madonna made a bold fashion statement at her Blond Ambition Tour. She flaunted her pointy cone bra corset (designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier )


The Red Hot Fantasy Bra, valued at $15 million made from red satin and hand-cut Thai rubies and diamonds, got listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the most extravagant and expensive items of underwear ever created.


The launch of Royal Fantasy Bra in the recent years’ worth $10 million amazed the world! It was encrusted with 4200 precious stones set in 18 karat gold and a pear cut ruby at the center.

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