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You Never Knew This Could Be One Of The Main Reasons For Your Hair Fall.

Do you usually spot hair strands everywhere on your clothes, under the pillow, on your comb or in the shower? Well, undoubtedly, my friend, you are suffering from hair fall. You might have tried all the dadi-nani remedies by now or applied multiple anti-hair fall drug store products, but hair fall is still a mate. Trust me; I have been there too. Of course, the root cause of hair fall differs from person to person. But some reasons are common and unknown to many. Below are the top 4 hidden reasons for hair fall regardless of age or gender.

Nutritional Deficiency 

The trending fad and restrictive diets are crucial reasons for hair fall. In addition, the sudden change in eating pattern can lead to vitamin & minerals deficiency, required for hair growth. 

The lack of vitamin D and iron can trigger balding in men. In women, balding occurs due to zinc, proteins and fatty acids deficiency. Hence it is imperative to take a balanced diet and proper nutrients to maintain healthy and normal hair. Thus, fuel your body with nutrient-rich foods like veggies, almonds, and avocados.

Overdoing Hair Care

Excess of anything is wrong. Going overboard with hair styling products, tools, and chemicals can be harmful. They can strip away the natural oils leaving your hair dull, dry, and prone to breakage. Also, excessive use of harsh products like heat styling tools, perms, sprays, gels, chemical treatments, or relaxers can damage the hair follicles, making them weak and prone to fall out.  

Another potential cause of hair falling out could be wearing your hair in tight buns, ponytails or braids. They create unnecessary tension between the hair strands making hair thin & fragile.

Hormonal Imbalance

The hormonal fluctuations that typically occur in midlife can impact hair health. The enzymes in hair follicles convert male hormone (testosterone) into dihydrotestosterone (DHT), causing hair loss. Usually, you will notice men develop a receding hairline compared to women. 

Many hormonal problems like PCOD, PCOS, and menopause among females cause the hair to shed.

The thyroid gland also plays a crucial role in regulating hormonal balance. Thyroid dysfunction can also weaken the hair follicles. Even though it is a temporary condition, it is essential to regulate hormone production to promote hair growth. 

Unbeknownst About Your Hair Type

Knowing your hair texture, porosity, and curl pattern is necessary to maintain healthy hair. However, the products that can do wonders for curly hair types might permanently damage the other hair type. Hence, it is vital to know your hair type to determine the type of product to use on your hair.

Overwashing is also assumed to be a cause of hairfall. However, it is untrue. The harsh chemicals in shampoos and conditioners damage the hair from its root. Hence it is best to use ayurvedic products free from harmful toxins to maintain healthy hair. In addition, ayurvedic products naturally cleanse the scalp and reduce hair breakage.

Finding a perfect anti-hair fall solution is no less than a herculean task. Hence, let me introduce you to my favourite ayurvedic potions, i.e. Skivia’s Hair Fall Control Shampoo and Conditioner.

Made in India, shampoo and conditioner are made using age-old ayurvedic remedies. It has natural activators & super ingredients which make it suitable for all. Moreover, they are free from parabens, silicones, sulphates, toxins and chemicals. 

Skivia Hair Fall Control Shampoo with Vitamin B5 & Neem Extracts 

The shampoo comes packed with natural ingredients like neem, tea tree oil & wheat protein to reduce hair fall and strengthen roots.

How Does It work?

  • Controls hair breakage and frizz
  • Reduces hair loss and aids in hair regrowth
  • Cleanses the scalp
  • Prevents split ends

Skivia Hair Fall Control Conditioner with Vitamin E & Keratin

The conditioner comes packed with natural ingredients like jojoba, rosemary, vitamin E & keratin that reduce hair fall, strengthen roots, and improve hair texture.

How does It work?

  • Reduces hair fall and adds volume
  • Smoothes frizzy hair and makes it shinier
  • Prevents split ends and hair texture
  • Strengthens hair
  • Boosts hair growth

The right combination of organic ingredients and regular champi sessions can be a real game-changer for controlling hair fall. You can target hair fall issues by using a mix of essential oil and carrier oils. However, mixing and matching are not for amateurs. Instead, you can use Skivia 10-in-1 Hair Fall Control Oil. As per the name, the oil is enriched with ten essential oils. It is perfect for promoting hair growth, improving hair quality, nourishing the scalp & hair, reducing hair fall and strengthening roots. Massage your scalp with 10-in-one hairfall control oil before shampooing and conditioning for effective results. Give your hair the best it deserves. 

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