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10 Common Natural Hair Myths That You Shouldn’t Believe

10 Common Natural Hair Myths That You Shouldn’t Believe

I am sure once in your life you have heard any of these myths about natural hair. It doesn’t matter if you have coloured or natural hair there are a ton of myths going around about your hair. And the saddest part is you believe in many of them blindly. As a result, you fail to achieve desired results.

Today, I will walk you through the 10 most used hair myths that you are completely unaware of. At the same time, we will discuss the facts associated with them. So let’s get started.

#Myth 1: More Trimming More Hair Growth

More Trimming More Hair GrowthI have been hearing since my childhood that trimming every 6 weeks makes your hair grow faster. 

Now let’s understand the logic behind this myth. It’s said that when your hair gets damaged and you have split ends, the growth will stop. Hence trimming is the only way to eliminate split ends which encourages hair growth.

Fact: Why it was a myth because hair grows from roots, not tips. Hence split ends will never stop hair growth. If you don’t trim your hair they look unhealthy and dull. Hence trimming makes your hair look healthy. That’s it.

The growth of your hair entirely depends on your body’s nutrient levels and lifestyle choices. 

#Myth 2: Right Products Can Repair Damaged Hair

Right Products Can Repair Damaged HairOn the market, there are plenty of products claiming that they can completely reverse the damage. They say so and so the product can completely repair hair damage. But it’s not true.

Fact: There is no product out there on the market that can fully repair hair once it is damaged. The only way to get rid of severely damaged hair is to trim them. 

But if your hair is gradually going towards a damaged state and you have noticed it in the early stages you can really make them healthy again.

#Myth 3: Natural Hair is Strong

#Myth 3: Natural Hair is StrongThis one you all must have heard. Being natural and being naturally strong is very different actually. Here people make mistakes and think that all types of natural hair are strong.

Fact: Actually natural hair is very delicate and very prone to getting damaged if not taken care of.

#Myth 4: Shampoo Stop Working After a While

Shampoo Stop Working After a WhileThis one makes me laugh so hard. Tell me one thing: you have been eating the same food for years. Does it stop working after a while? Then how come a shampoo stops functioning after a while?

If you are using an expired product then this is a different discussion.  

Fact: There is no scientific evidence that shampoo stops working after a while. Even though I have been using the same shampoo since childhood, the results are still the same.

Let me tell you what happens, we never stay religious with our hair care regime, lifestyle and diet habits. Even water in different places might be different and might affect your hair differently. Hence your hair care product must suit the environment to keep your hair healthy.

For example, hard water makes your hair rough, dull and dry. Mild shampoo can’t cleanse your hair or remove the hard water buildup. You need clarifying shampoo for the same.

But otherwise, you should not change your shampoo too often, as it can alter the pH level of your hair.

#Myth 5: Coloured Hair is Unhealthy

Coloured Hair is UnhealthyThis myth is partially true. Yes, coloured hair can become unhealthy if you don’t know how to take care of it. Or else you colour unhealthy hair. Then this myth can become true. Because

Fact: Bleaching hair can lead to damaged hair if done incorrectly, as you are altering the hair’s natural pigment which comes from some nutrients. But if you use the right product to retain moisture in your coloured strands then your locks will stay luscious even post-colouring. 

#Myth 6: Biotin is The Only Vitamin for Hair Health

Biotin is The Only Vitamin for Hair Health.Well, since every hair care brand has promoted biotin so much that people think that biotin makes their hair look soft. Also, it is the only vitamin which defines the overall health of your hair.

Fact: Biotin is Vitamin H, it is one of the important vitamins, not the only one. Alone it cannot make your hair stronger, healthier and shinier. Your hair needs many vitamins to become healthy & strong. For that you need to take a balanced meal and get your vitamin levels every now and then.

#Myth 7: Cold Water Makes Hair Shinier

Cold Water Makes Hair ShinierSo the logic behind this myth is that using hot water might wash off natural oils coating your hair shaft, eventually your hair will look dry & dull. If you wash your hair with cold water then it won’t wash away the natural oils of your hair. 

Fact: Hair shines when the cuticle (topmost layer) is smooth & intact. If it is damaged then it will definitely look frizzy no matter if you wash it with cold water or warm water.

#Myth 8: Dandruff Means Your Scalp is Dry

Dandruff Means Your Scalp is DryDry scalp causes dandruff. This is one of the classic myths and has been there for ages. But the truth is far more different.

Fact: Dandruff is a build of oil and fungus which gets accumulated on your head when there is an excessive oil production. On the contrary dry scalp is the condition when there is very little sebum production. 

Since in both the conditions itching is the common symptom. However there is a difference in pattern. Dry scalp starts itching on the very same day of hair washing but dandruff starts itching  2 to 3 days after shampoo.

#Myth 9: Oiling will Cure Hair Fall

Oiling will Cure Hair FallSince grandmothers emphasized on oiling so much that we think that every hair problem occurs due to lack of oiling, be it hairfall. Back then people noticed less hair fall and stronger hair, that’s why we are all biased towards oiling. 

Fact: Oiling doesn’t reduce hair loss directly. The reason for hairfall could be anything from bad hairstyle to nutrient deficiency. Oiling does not directly impact hair health or hair fall. But it helps alleviate the situation if paired with evident hair fall treatments. 

Oiling encourages blood circulation, relaxes muscles and relieves tension, headaches. It hydrates the hair shaft and scalp, hence less itching and frizzy hair. As a result you itch less your scalp and do not harm the follicles which makes it stay there for longer. Similarly less frizz means less tangles and less hair loss due to breakage.

One thing to notice is that until you find and treat the root cause of hair loss, it won’t stop ever. No matter how much oil you put on your scalp.

#Myth 10: Oily Hair Should Be Washed More Often Or Even Daily

Oily Hair Should Be Washed More Often Or Even DailyPeople who have oil hair tend to wash their hair more often than people who have normal hair. Because due to more sebum production their hair gets greasy sooner. Washing makes their hair feel fresh. Well washing your hair frequently is okay, but daily is not okay.

Fact: Overwashing will make your scalp more oily. Let’s understand the science behind it. The scalp will produce more oil than normal to overcompensate, and it will end up looking greasy and dirty. Hence washing your hair 2-3 times a week is enough.

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