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Why Pads Are Better Than Tampons – Pads Vs Tampons

Why Pads Are Better Than Tampons - Pads Vs Tampons

I’m team pads. what are you? Hmm, now let us get into the topic of why pads are better than tampons. There are so many advantages of using pads over tampons. That doesn’t mean tampons are waste, even tampons have their own advantages. So let’s discuss the problems that we face in real life if we choose tampons over pads.

Stained underwear uh huh not anymore!

The idea of the pad is very simple – absorbing. Pads are worn externally. Just stick them to your underwear and you’re good to go. The absorbent power of sanitary pads is such that they could probably blot ink as well. Most of the women say that’s great since they feel it so they’re assured that they’re protected.

Tampons are worn internally. That means it needs to be inserted, worn, and removed from your vagina. And most importantly you should feel comfortable while doing this. But many women just aren’t comfortable doing that. It ofcourse sounds very scary to someone who has never tried tampons. One major fear related to tampons is what if it gets lost and I’m not able to remove it. This is probably the first thought that pops the mind of every newbie.

Pads are easier and safer to use as compared to tampons. Pad can be a really good choice particularly if you’re the kind of person who forgets a tampon is inside you only to find the bacteria which is growing inside is having a vampire party in your pants.

Super comfortable

Most of the women feel pads are comfortable compared to tampons. All you have to do is just to stick it on your panty and whoo-hoo! You can even go for a marathon (okay, let’s be realistic. Only if you don’t get cramps.) But when it comes to tampons it can be a little stressful. The vagina is the most delicate part of the body with sensitive internal tissue, and the thought of inserting some matter up there can be a little tricky. Sometimes inserting a tampon can be painful too, and if you put the tampon in a wrong angle, the resulting pressure might drive you nuts.

Knowing When to Change

This is a bit easy if you’re using pads. You can easily know if your pad is filled up or not. And you have various sizes available in pads with extra features available with it. So you have more options to choose from depending on the nature of your period flow. You could opt for XL pads or even XXL pads if you’re someone who experiences heavy periods. And if staining is your concern, a lot of pads feature extra long length and a wider back to get you covered and prevent staining, even when you’re sleeping in the craziest posture.

But when it comes to tampons it can be a little tricky as they’re worn internally. It takes a lot of practice to get a perfect fit for your flow. And most women complain about tampon leaks in just a few hours.

Safety is first

Till now there are no known health risks associated with using sanitary pads. But you have to be sure to change them every 4-6 hours because wearing a wet pad for long periods of time can cause skin irritations. But still, there are chances of getting TSS when you’re using a sanitary pad, but the risk is the same as not using any feminine hygiene protection.
But tampons can increase your chances of TSS compared to pads, so better know the symptoms and what to do if you think you have it.

No more infections

A lot of pads are completely made out of cotton or even other organic ingredients which are totally safe to be used. They ensure to provide you a comfortable and rash free experience all day long.

But another big concern regarding tampon use is that it sheds fibers. Rayon is commonly used in tampons. It consists of tiny strands of plastic. It is believed that rayon fibers can cause lacerations to the vaginal walls when inserted and removed, leaving the vagina open to dreadful infections.

A couple of known gynecologists have explained that tampons sit on the mouth of the cervix, and the menstrual flow gets slowed down which leaves the blood to accumulate in the fallopian tubes. It is better to give your body a chance to allow your cycle to flow more naturally by using sanitary pads rather than tampons.

So who’s the winner? It’s pads. Clearly you can see the benefits of using pads are more. But still, there’s no harm in using a tampon if you have a good experience and guidance on picking the right ones. So choose wisely and stay healthy.



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