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Things to Consider While Choosing the Right Sanitary Pad

Things to Consider While Choosing the Right Sanitary Pad

Every woman is unique in herself and so is her body’s way of reacting to periods. This is one of the reasons why so many varieties of sanitary napkins are available in the market. In addition, the kind of sanitary pad you choose depends on your personal preference of what works best for your body and your periods.

Your preference can be unique because it depends on factors such as skin type, body shape, and flow. Which sanitary napkin will do justice to the periods differs from one woman to another woman So to help you understand the right sanitary napkin for you, we have a list of a few things to be considered.

Know Your Periods

Understanding your body and periods is the first step towards choosing the right pads for your menstrual cycle. Your flow is not exactly the same throughout your period. Therefore, you have to keep a track on the changes in your body and menstrual cycle in order to choose a sanitary pad. It is also important to know how many pads do you actually need for one cycle.

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Look for the materials used in the sanitary pads. A lot of women assume that if their sanitary pad is smooth then it’s good to go. No! That’s not how this works, many of them can cause skin rashes and infections, especially the ones that have a plastic-like top layer. So, you have to do a little research about what you are buying. Look for materials that are not only soft but also skin-friendly and suitable for your skin. Care must be taken if you have sensitive skin and are prone to infections. Cotton pads are the ones that work best for all skin types.

Length and Flow

Well, you can’t be wrong at this. You have to buy a sanitary pad according to your flow. The first time you get your period, you might want to try a regular-sized napkin but if the regular size seems to be filling up too quickly, then try a longer size pad. It totally depends on the body shape and flow whether you need an extra-long pad with broad hip-guard or a regular one. There are special night pads which feature a longer length and a wider back to avoid staining your sheets while you’re sleeping.


Thankfully, just like your clothes and lingerie, there are many products available to help make your period easier to deal with. A lot of options are available based on your usage and preference. Whether you want a really short and slim sanitary pad or a thickly layered one. Or if you want an extra-large size or a regular-sized, with wings, without wings and much more. In fact, there’s something called a panty liner which is best for days when you are experiencing a little bit of spotting or you simply want to feel extra protected when wearing a tampon or cup.

Good Absorbency

The sanitary pad absorption capacity lets you decide if you need an extra absorbent pad or just a regular pad. The major factor for the pad is to absorb the blood flow without any back-flow or leakage. Some women use two different types of sanitary pads with different absorbencies— one that can take care of their heavy days and a lighter absorbency napkin for lighter days.


Sometimes wearing a pad not only depends on the flow and body type but also on the activities you do. You must wear pads according to the nature of your daily activities or activities that happen to fall on the days of your period. For example, use winged slim pads if you have a gym class or an extra absorbent pad if you have a lot of workloads or any physical work at home.


  • Wear cotton panties to keep it breathable and fresh down there.
  • Change every 4-5 hours to avoid any infection.
  • Wash the vaginal area every time you change your pad.
  • Take warm baths to ease the cramps and pain.


  • Don’t throw an open pad or flush a pad in the toilet.
  • Don’t wait for the pad to get full.
  • Don’t use soaps.


Q1. What are the different sizes of pads?

A1. Majorly, there are three sizes: regular, large & extra large. Each size is well adjusted to your flow. If it’s your last day of the period, regular size sanitary pads are the best for you. For the days with heavy flow, you should go for extra-large sanitary pads considering the size is ideal for nights as well. The larger the size is, the more likely it is to prevent leakage. Hence, is a great option for stainless days. 

Q2. How do I choose the right pad?

A2. If it’s your first time buying sanitary pads, avoid the synthetic kind, since its harsh & chemically infused base can irritate your delicate area. First & foremost, understand your flow. It’ll help you figure out the size best for you. The right pad should have side wings to adhere to your undies and have a gentle base for rash-free wear. 

Q3. Which sanitary pad is the best?

A3. Clovia’s sanitary pad range is a must-try. The assembly of layers is ideal for overnight usage & does not cause any discomfort. Your periods can be rash-free if you opt for a cotton-feel top layer for a feather-soft touch. Try it out for yourself and experience a comfortable period. 

Q4. How many types of sanitary napkins are there?

A4. The types vary according to your preference and usage. The ones available in the market are:

  • Organic Sanitary Pads
  • Panty Liners
  • Regular & Heavy Flow Sanitary Pads
  • Cloth Sanitary Pads
  • Reusable Sanitary Pads



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