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Top 4 Reasons to Say Goodbye to Your Old Bras

Top 4 Reasons to Say Goodbye to Your Old Bras

If you were to ask me, what’s that one favourite thing in my closet, I would say a bra. While for most of you, it could be a pair of well-fitted jeans or a comfy dress, you might ask me why a bra? Allow me to explain. Bras (and briefs) are the closest piece of fabric to your skin. It is the very first thing to do and to stay for almost the entire day. Your bra is the very basic foundation to your outfit and hence it is indubitably one of the most important pieces in your collection.
Now coming to if it’s so important why do you need to say goodbye? Let me walk you through 4 reasons to say goodbye to your favourite old bras.

1. Old is Not Always Gold

Old is Not Always GoldFirst of all, by old, I mean anything which is over 6 to 12 months old. Yes! You read that right. Bras tend to wear out over a period of time. The straps might start falling off, or wires might pop out or hooks would get ripped off. If you notice any of these, then it’s a big sign for you to replace your bras.

2. Hot is Not Cool

Hot is Not CoolIf you’ve been using hot or warm water to wash your bras, then that’s so not cool. Darling, you’ve been doing it all wrong. Hot water tends to lose the elasticity of the fabric much sooner than regular. Another disadvantage is that it makes stains stronger and difficult to get rid of. If this is the case with you, then firstly you need to wash your bras with cold water and secondly, you need new bras.

3. Size Always Matters

Size Always Matters80% of women shop the wrong bra size. If you’re one of them, then you surely need to say goodbye to your old bras and get new ones that fit you perfectly well. Take a fit test online or ask the salesgirl to measure your size before you shop. If you aren’t one of them, then first of all congratulations on being smart enough to know your size but did you also know that your bra size can change every 6 months? So make sure you measure yourself again and check if you’re still wearing the right size. If not, then say goodbye to those wrong sized bras!

4. Not Your Cup of Tea

Not Your Cup of TeaWomen have different breast shapes and sizes. Which also implies that every woman might need a different bra type. Certain bra types flatter certain breasts shapes more than the other ones. Like a push-up bra would work best for bell-shaped breasts and a balconette bra would work best for side-set breasts. So if you have bra types that don’t compliment your breast shape well, then maybe it’s time to replace them.

Now that you know which bras need to be discarded, the question is how? Don’t just toss your bras in the dustbin. Look for NGOs and charity places in your neighbourhood and donate the bras to the needy. Not those that are totally worn out but the ones that don’t fit you fine.

Rachika Singh

Rachika Singh

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