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How To Find The Best Sports Bras That Offer Proper Support For Workouts

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Sports bras are a staple that every woman must have because they provide support and comfort like no other bra. Not just the comfort but they are very useful as they come under the category of activewear that means if you are someone who loves to work out or even just go running, sports bras are a necessity. Working out without a proper sports bra can lead to soreness and even tissue damage over some time in the breasts because of the strain that they endure under the high activity of the body.

It’s very important to know the following points which will help you to find the best sports bra that offers proper support for workouts:

Know The Type of Sports Bra According to The Impact of Your Workout:

Sports bras are of different types depending on the types of workouts. Mainly exercise bras can be classified into three categories: low impact bras, medium impact bras, and high impact bras.

Low and Medium Impact Bras

low and medium impact

Yoga and walking come under low-impact workouts. If you love to workout creatively through dancing and cycling then these come under medium impact workouts. Low impact and medium impact sports bras generally compress your breasts against the chest to hold the breasts in place while doing activities.

Low imapce

High Impact Bras

High Impact Bra

High impact bras on the other hand are meant to be worn for work out which includes rough training, weight lifting, and running which puts a strain on the body and that’s why you need more support. This kind of sports bra has a cup for each breast which encapsulates the breast and holds it in place during vigorous movements.

Find Your Size:

While finding your perfect sports bra, you must know your size and how a sports bra is supposed to fit. Sports bras should be snugly fitting but make sure it’s not very tight otherwise it will become uncomfortable to wear. Bulging side boobs are not a good look to carry and for that, the right cup size is needed to avoid bulging of breasts from the sides. Take the Clovia Curve test to find your perfect size.

Tip: You can check by putting two fingers between the shoulder straps and your shoulder while wearing a sports bra to know if it fits you right.

Features to look for:

The features vary according to the category of sports bras.

Low-impact sports bras should be light having narrow straps. They often come in a pullover style and are ideal for small cup size breasts.

Low Impact Bra

Medium impact sports bras should have wide straps and bands. They provide more restrictions on the movement of the breasts. These come in a pullover style and removable pads, so you can choose whether to wear them with or without pads.

medium impact bra

High-impact sports bras have the widest strap and band among the three categories as they are meant to provide maximum support and encapsulation of the breasts in place. They are ideal for bigger breasts and come with pads and adjustable straps.

High Impact

Sports bras come in a bunch of different strap styles, colors, materials, and designs from which you can choose for yourself, and other than just providing support for workouts they can be worn as a piece of daily wardrobe. You can also use them as a crop top and follow the latest trends in athleisure wear to make a style statement.



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