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The 7 Rules: What to Wear for Yoga

The 7 Rules: What to Wear for Yoga

Picking outfits according to the occasion is the fashion rule #1. Formals for office, casuals for movies, dressy for evening parties, you know the drill pretty much right? But when it comes to yoga, you might be doing it wrong. Dressing for yoga can be a little more complex than it actually feels. Just like any other physically demanding activity, the right workout gear makes a huge difference.

When asked, most of the people prefer to wear something loose and comfortable. But trust me, it’s more than just that. Choosing the right clothes can be difficult but helps you improve your yoga session in many ways.

So, here are the seven rules of yoga apparel, from top to toe.

1. Sports Bra

Sports BraA regular bra is always the wrong option for any kind of workout, yes even for yoga. Ideally, choosing the right bra for the workout should be the first step. While you do all the stretching and extending, you don’t want to regret wearing an underwire bra that pokes you here and there. Nor do you want a bra with lesser coverage that can’t keep your breasts stay put. Fixing your bra during a yoga session shouldn’t even cross your mind. Trust me girls, switching to a sports bra would be the best decision you’ll ever make for your workout wardrobe. It’s also more important to have a bra with moisture management and abrasion resistance to avoid any nasty chafing. While picking a sports bra for yoga you can opt for low to medium impact bra, that would do the job of reducing bounce and keep your girls stay well-supported.

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2. Sports Top

Sports TopMost of us think wearing comfortable clothes implies loose clothes. But that’s so not true. Wearing a loose top for yoga will only make you annoyed for not being able to do all those poses. I’m sure you don’t want your tops or T-shirts to fall over your head every time you do a headstand, or get stuck under your arms and legs time and again.

So what do you pick? Basically you need to opt for fitted tops that stay put and keep you covered no matter what pose you make. They need to be loose enough to let you breathe and snug enough to hug your body. Most importantly, pick fabrics that are breathable and moisture-absorbent cause if you wear something that doesn’t absorb sweat you’ll start feeling all awkward with those patchy underarms and boob sweat marks. After-all its yoga and not a wet t-shirt contest! 😀

3. Yoga Pants

Yoga PantsWe all know how comforting it is to wear those yoga pants, it indeed gives you those professional yoga vibes too. That’s great but what kind of yoga pants would fit your body type perfectly is the real question. Well, one thing’s very clear is that never wear loose pants like those harem pants. However, sports shorts are a good option if you think you are sweating a lot. Long pants should be snug and stretchy enough to allow body movement. Also, make sure you don’t go for pants that are too long cause remember that you will be barefoot during the class and you don’t want them to trip you over. Pick tights & leggings that cut right above the ankle.

4. Layer Up

Well, most of the people have this misconception of wearing fewer clothes for yoga sessions but honestly, it is well-advised to wear thin layers that are easy to shed. Studies also say that layers will help raise your core temperature to loosen the muscles and prevent chills during the final relaxation phase of the session.

5. Fabrics

Wearing any random stretch pants won’t really do the thing. The type of fabric actually matters the most, indeed Yoga has a big emphasis on correct breathing and that should apply not just to your lungs but to your skin too. You would want to wear thin fabrics that will not bunch up or retain moisture but instead would breathe or wick sweat away from the body.

6. Air Down there

Well, if you think that you don’t have to bother about wearing the right clothes for yoga, then let me warn you that you might really regret that. The breathability factor should carry through to your most private parts. We wouldn’t recommend you to choose cotton when it comes to wearing the right undies. Yeah sure it does breathes, cotton is known for its breathability. The last thing you want to be thinking about when spreading your legs wide or sticking your leg up in the air is whether or not you’re making sweat shadow puppets with your stuff. So we suggest you wear some moisture-wicking briefs.

7. Care For Your Calves

Generally, people don’t tend to wear shoes and socks for yoga as they interfere with the foot’s grip on the yoga mat. However, if you get cold in your lower legs you can opt for compression calf sleeves. These are also recommended for those who are prone to calf cramps or soreness. These basically look like regular socks but go all the way to the ankle but leave your feet free to move with full flexibility.

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