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Best Colours To Add to Your Active Wardrobe

Take a look at your gym closet. Do you see a plethora of beige, tan, black, white, and grey clothing? Firstly going to the gym or the idea of working out can be really boring for everyone but aren’t you the one who can make your gym days motivating and exciting? Want to know how? Colours! Yes, colours play an important role in setting up your mood and can be motivating during your initial gym days. Be it prints, checks, florals etc anything that adds a spark to your gym outfit. Working out is a lot more alluring when you’re also wearing gym clothes of your fit, choice and course colour. So let us check out some best colours that you can add to your active wardrobe.

  • Colourful Marble print:

Pair It With:

Add printed tights to your gym or yoga wear. It gives a simplistic yet classic look to your activewear. You can either choose to match both the top and the bottom with a similar print or style your colourful tights with a plain top if you don’t want to go all out. Play it cool and classy by choosing pieces that don’t just stick to one colour palette to make the combination super playful and exciting. 

  • Embrace Patterns:

Patterns are another style that will never go out of trend. Be it geometric, or stripes they never go out of style. Incorporating colour via patterns is a perfect way to ease yourself into colour if you’re edgy. Also, be sure to match busy patterns with quieter ones. 

  • Colour coordination:

Matching sets with subtle pastel tones is one of the best ways to add colour to active wear. They are super stylish and smart for your workout routines. Also, who doesn’t love a pop of colour?

  • Coloured monochrome with a pop:

Try something simple yet outstanding. Adding different shades of the same colour to your gym wardrobe can make you look smart and fashionable at the same time. It is a wonderful way to add your favourite colour while playing with the different shades in between. It is just like playing with transition shades of your favourite colour.

If you’re sceptical about adding colour to your wardrobe, you can always start with accessories like gym bags, shoes or even socks. However, keep in mind that it’s best to limit yourself to one accent colour per outfit. Easy options include:

  • Gym Bag: 

Usually, you have a basic beige, brown, or black bag, so try mixing it up by grabbing a colourful pink, red, green, or yellow one instead.

  • Cap: 

Caps are not only fun to wear but you can also add colours like red, purple or even pastel shades instead of basic black. 

  • Gym Shoes:

If you’re not sure about wearing bright shades, start by wearing colourful shoes. Try fluorescent colours or even pastel shades like lavender or sage green will enhance your look.

Now you know how to rock your gym outfits in different colours. Ditch all those boring and mainstream colours and try the mentioned colours for a new look. Trust me these colours and prints will surely motivate you to work out more! 



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